1. F

    Streaming files upload.

    Hello everyone, I started working again with streaming after five years. But the problem is all the old sites are down and i try to find a new websites about few months. Results its a zero sites... I don't understand where to possible adding links and watch movies per streaming hosts. May...
  2. A


    Is tvstreamcms legit? Would you invest the $399+ $99 a month? Would you be able to monitise it? Were would you host the website? Im thinking of investing. In referring to tvstreamcms dot com
  3. javabro

    Do you guys watch tv series ?

    I am tv series guy. feel like I have watched all the good tv series. need suggestions. What do u guys watch ? I have watched most of the popular tv shows out there. So no, don't start suggesting got, walking dead or breaking bad. Hmm, any not-so-popular gems that u have watched/watching ...
  4. xshadysoldier

    Now That KickAss is Down And The Owner Got Arrested

    As you all know the famous torrent website to get free movies and tvshows kickass is down and the owner got arrested which left me asking myself is the owners of streaming websites will get in trouble even if they get'em from third-party servers as i was preparing to make a streaming website ...
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