1. V

    Universal bot for views

    Has anyone tried it? and does it really work to gain traffic? Most sites are just scamming everyone such as tubeg3, and I want to know if this thing is going to pull it off for the job of views.
  2. B

    Is there a limit in the amount of youtube friends?

    Does it look suspicious for youtube to have x amount of friends up to the point of banning your account? or is there any recommended pace to add friends? I look forward to hearing your experience :)
  3. V

    Working Views Increaser for YouTube

    Since YouTube last changes, when TubeIncreaser and all the rest stopped working, has any other software or method been released? I know they have asked this a lot, but not in the last few weeks and I'm sure there must be some updates in this area. I don't believe that everyone has just given up...
  4. K

    Tutorial of Failure

    Alright guys, I'm fairly new here, though I think I've read 80% of every post about Charon/Proxies/Youtube. I'd like to run through what I've done so far, and I'd appreciate anybody telling me what I've done wrong. 1) Find enormous list of anon/elite proxies. Did this with Google, forums...
  5. A

    i need 500 private proxies

    Well i need 500 private proxies i will be using them for tubeincreaser.
  6. soulchief

    How do i use tor with tubeincreaser?

    I have TOR running, Privoxy running, and tubeincreaser going (proxy localhost:8118) the view counter at the bottom is going up, but im not getting any actual views. TOR works fine on firefox (with the TorButton running) and IE. Anyone know whats wrong?
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