tube increaser

  1. E

    Tube Increaser vs Tube Automator

    I'm new to this forum and thank you in advance for your understanding if this has been asked before. I have purchased Tube Automator and tried to get views and likes unsuccesfully. Now I am looking into buying Tube Increaser. Are there users here that have used these programs and successfully...
  2. InternetUser

    New Tube Increaser???!

    They just released a message a day ago saying that the new tube increaser is 99% complete. Anyone else have any word on it??
  3. D

    Hey People Is Tube Increaser Still Working ???

    Hello Everyone, Is Tube Increaser Still Working ???
  4. B

    Tube Increaser Patch Not Working??

    I just downloaded tube increaser from one of the links I found in the forum. Part of the download included a patch that needed to be open but had to enter a password Well, when I clicked on the HTML file that was supposed to take me to page to register, it was an invalid URL If anyone can...
  5. X

    The new version - Tube Increaser 3.0 is coming very shortly!

    I just went to the tubeincreaser site and they are making TI 3.0...Now I don't see the point when youtube has changed there format.Has anybody read any reviews on TI 3.0?Have they found away around frozen views?It would be sweet.
  6. C

    Dailymotion Video Increaser (beta)

    I'm proud to announce The Grand Opening of "Dailymotion Video Increaser" very soon :p if some good coder would make it :D if anybody know an universal video increaser im very interested!!
  7. S

    is Tu bega iner working ?

    i saw Tub egain er posted in the *new* tube increaser thread and i was curious as if it was working ? can any one let me know... wow is that really censored now?
  8. dadevil_09

    Views getting Updated??

    Is the views getting updated for anyone here using Tube Increaser, There was another thread regarding Views = 0, which i have lost a track of... I believe that You Tube has come up with some new Crap that's beating the TI... THis is a big Headache... I had TI running for the entire night and and...
  9. R

    Tube Increaser - Views Completed: 0

    EDIT: Ok I figured this out. Mods can delete this. Sorry! :-) Hey, I've setup Tube Increaser on my dedicated server as well as my home computer. On both computers the program always says "Views completed: 0". I am using the updated proxylist. I have also tried to use the program...
  10. stupiddumbass

    BlackHatGuide to #1 on Youtube

    So I was holding out for a long time and since tons of people have been doing some shady stuff on youtube and flagging accounts I am releasing the Blackhat youtube formula to getting number for these keywords I have been offered up to $500 bucks for this formula but I don't need any money...
  11. mindhunter77

    Tube Increaser Just Stopped Working?

    After about 3K views on my video all of a sudden it just stopped working. My proxies are good, I tested them several times. If I remove the proxies from TI it works just fine though. I'm kinda at a loss, has this happened to anyone else?
  12. ForeverNever

    Tube Increaser question

    couldn't u open multiple tube increaser's to make it go faster? example: i open about 5 tube increaser's and paste the video url in all of them to let it do it's job. do u think that it would work?
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