1. J

    Tips for Creating a Tee Spring Store

    looking for ideas on how best to approach a tee spring build. I have ideas but struggle to get them on paper. very creative thinker, but designer not so much. I know where to get templates for the shirts but what is the best free image editor - one that is super easy to learn (no adobe please).
  2. Helloman

    POD - TeeSpring / RedBubble + Google Shopping ads?

    Hi there, did you experience any success with RedBubble and TeeSpring + Google Shopping ads? I've been selling RedBubble and TeeSpring shirts doing Facebook Ads but they're not converting as much as they used to. So I'm thinking about switching to Google ads. I'd love to hear your...
  3. L

    Are instagrams links in bio still a thing?

    So, I am selling tees through Teespring but havent had any luck with fb ads so far So I tried the method following this video I contacted a 45kfollowers page related to the niche of my shirt(cats) and got it to make a post on their page and add a link in their bio for 24hr The post on insta has...
  4. moose942

    Illustrator/Artist needs partner for clothing (t-shirts + more)

    I'm an illustrator/artist looking to partner with someone to create and sell merchandise, primarily clothing like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and potentially hats or other fitting items. I have a style that translates well to clothing. If you have the other half to my illustration/design skills and...
  5. Oxeh

    Best print on demand service (tee business)

    Hi guys, i've been looking for days for a good alternative to MBA (since i got banned), any idea? I've already checked many other POD services (teespring, printful, etc.) but i honestly don't know which one is best. Any suggestion?

    Best T-shirt campaign strategy India?

    Hi all, I have designed a few trendy t-shirts PS- its based on a popular web series. I want to know how can I promote this, what channels would give good ROI. I am guessing Instagram, Please let me know if you guys have experience with T-shirt selling. My budget = 10000rs = !50$
  7. B


    HI AS PER THE TITLE I CAN SUPPLY ANY KIND AND CUSTOM DESIGNS 100% COTTON T SHIRTS AT WHOLE SALE RATE. Appx cost till usa will be 10-12$ .what ever tags and mono you will want we can make, MOQ will be 50 t shirts . you can get even polo t shirts at this whole sale rate from me. must try once...
  8. HoZoBoRoLo

    [JV] Amazon Merch for who can design tshirt

    I have an account on Amazon Merch and I'm looking for a designer who can design t-shirt. If anyone interested please PM me.
  9. William702

    (Journey) T-shirt Printful Adventure.

    I think this will be the first real journey that I have done here on BHW, some fizzled out very quickly but I hope this one will be here to stay. I'm going to start a t-shirt shop on Shopify and possibly list the products on other marketplaces like Etsy too. We made the decision to start this...
  10. chillerfx

    Let's JV on a T-Shirt store with hundreds of unique designs.

    Hello there, We're the team CHILLERFX! We have an opencart store ready with hundreds of designs and it has got some really unique features like t-shirt customising options. The store is built to sell many types of shirts like tees, hoodies, v-necks, tanks, etc., with numerous unique designs to...
  11. Nowrid Ahsan

    Amazing Quality Clothing|Custom Orders|Branded Clothing|We Have It All

    Things that we can provide: Polo T-shirts V-neck Tshirts Joggers Jeans Formal Pants Shorts You name it, we have it We also have products from Zara, Levis, Mark & Spencers, Adidas, Nike, the list goes on. We can find anything that you need. We take custom orders for all kinds of garments with...
  12. malam

    Need a creative tshirt designer

    As title says I need a creative tshirt designer who has past experience. He or her can able to think creatively as my instruction it may be only a niche. Please inbox me your skype
  13. Toern

    A beginners journey into selling T-Shirts

    For maybe the last 6 months I've been learning how to make t-shirt designs, that I've been selling pimarily through Redbubble. Most designs I've sold are extremely niche, associated with a strong culture, so there's neither a big market nor strong competition. With the upcomming integration of...
  14. Y

    Custom T-shirt Drop shipping and wholesale company

    We have a custom T-shirt printing business located in the USA that offers dropshipping to your customers. We do not have a minimum so you can order 1 custom t-shirt or 1000. We have unlimited possibilities when it comes to artwork. If you are using your own website or social media or ebay etc...
  15. swagbasedgodswag

    Selling art on shirts/prints/stickers/etc.

    My gf is a really talented artist. I want to monetize her talents by creating a website where people can buy shirts/prints/posters/stickers/etc. I'm not sure what would be the easiest route for this journey. My main campaign will be instagram targeted automation to pull traffic. Does anyone...
  16. hateandbreak

    Looking for INTL Designer (T shirts, mugs, etc.) Longterm Work

    Must be from Phillipines, pakistan etc. I need many shirts designed (and other items later) and I'm willing to work with the right person long term on a fixed price that is subject to rise as time goes on. Please send your existing portfolio, prices per shirt for 10-20 shirt orders at a time...
  17. deathass01

    Making Serious Money On Qwertee

    Hey All, I was wondering if any of you had experience with Qwertee or similar websites, I have a few designs that I've done for shirts and I was wondering who would be the best site to partner with, any info or previous experience on these sites would be super useful! Thanks!
  18. slimdz

    Making money selling t-shirts/ using Facebook Ads

    Hello guys, I want to start selling t-shirts online using teespring or any other site and I think facebook Ads are the best to promote that, I'll be honest, I've never done this That's why I want to ask mmore about it, Is this (selling t-shirts) still works well? should I first start building a...
  19. andycool10

    Selling Prince shirts through Facebook Advertising

    Do you guys think its a good idea? Make some cool designs on illustrator, upload on teespring and advertise on facebook. I'm a fan Prince's music and it's shocking to me that he passed. But, is selling some shirts going too far because he just passed? I feel like it would do well. What's your...
  20. C

    Custom Printed Clothing - UK SUPPLIER

    Your own printing company without the effort of setting up. We supply custom printed garments - such as t shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, hoodies from a wide range of brands: such as Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Russell, ADIDAS, Nike, Portwest: or simply unbranded! We offer the printing...
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