1. R

    Etsy Journey - FROM ZERO TO 10K

    This is my first journey on this forum. My goal is to acheive 10k from today to march 2023 selling tshirts and Hoodies on Etsy. This is my plan: - Search for easy Tshirts designs that I'm able to clone in Amazon Teespring Redbubble... - Post 20 design weekly to etsy. - Design the tshirt when...
  2. whywork

    WhyWork´s PRINT ON DEMAND 1-2-3 Full Service ⭐ End 2022 With A Bang ⭐ All You Need To Run Your Own Business

    CONTACT ME THROUGH SKYPE OR BHW https://join.skype.com/invite/sLbIbjbRoRvp CRYPTO PAYMENTS ONLY
  3. M

    [Journey] Scaling POD automation

    I'm currently trying to hit 50k designs across the top 4 POD sites (RedBubble, Zazzle, Teepublic, Society6). My current uploaded design amount across all of the platforms is 2k designs each. Generation Process I have developed modular software to generate POD merch. There is currently 4...
  4. Oxeh

    Best print on demand service (tee business)

    Hi guys, i've been looking for days for a good alternative to MBA (since i got banned), any idea? I've already checked many other POD services (teespring, printful, etc.) but i honestly don't know which one is best. Any suggestion?
  5. AdeptiAds

    how to grow Instagram userbase?

    Hello BHW. Background: We make t-shirts, we sew them from scratch, then embroider with images of dogs (designed by a very talented girl). Every month, based on sales results, we give funds to charity, we support a shelter for animals. The people's web: Mostly the story is shared by a word of...
  6. chillerfx

    T-Shirt store with hundreds of unique designs | Can you bring in the sales?

    Hello members, We developed an online t-shirt store with the following features : * Hundreds of unique designs * Multiple Categories like sports, lifestyle, tv series, love etc. * Got some unique features like online customization of designs. * Works well on family/last name concepts. * The...
  7. C

    When To Monetize Instagram? (art/music/merch)

    For the past two months, I've been growing an instagram page mostly related to a specific niche music/art genre. Most of the content is NOT mine, but I give credit where I can. For every 50 posts, one post is original content by me. I just hit 2000 followers. All organic, not botting. My...
  8. HoZoBoRoLo

    [JV] Amazon Merch for who can design tshirt

    I have an account on Amazon Merch and I'm looking for a designer who can design t-shirt. If anyone interested please PM me.
  9. ninjalead111101

    Jul 2018 can make money with selling Tshirt?

    Hi all, can we still make big profit with Tshirt selling? Both run ads on Facebook and Instagram? Anyone doing it here?
  10. chillerfx

    What's the cheap & best alternative to Printful?

    Most dropshippers knew that the Printful's pricing is way above the roof! Is there a better alternative to this (especially when dealing with printed shirts) , which also has integrations with custom websites rather having only with shopify/woocommerce? Looking for a cheaper cum reliable POD...
  11. V

    Shopify Business Suggestion

    I want to start print on demand business. Can any one tell me how much money do i need. And pod is profitable or not?
  12. R

    I got kick by merch

    I recently requested a merch by amazon account and in a week I got rejected,it feels like I was spit and kick on,because I was really to focus only on merch. So am I f@CK? is there really no way to make them reconsider to accept me?
  13. KinikuMan

    Ask Me Anything About Making Money Selling Tshirt (Tshirt AMA)

    Hello BHWers! I see so many methods here about making money but I rarely see any methods about making money by selling Tshirt and accessories online. So I decided to open a thread here so everyone can discuss and learn. Selling tshirt now is more difficult than 3 years ago but still...
  14. Buzzika

    SunFrog, anyone worked with them?

    I saw a competitor in my niche using this print-on-demand tee site. Has anybody used them in the past, as seller or designer? Would love to hear your opinion on them
  15. Victoria Lynn

    Selling custom tshirts through Shopify ?

    Which company has the best quality t-shirts for the best price ? I would like to sell my designs on Shopify but I don't want to deal with any company that prints poor quality or takes too long to ship. I am currently looking at teespring, print full , and a few others ... which companies are...
  16. 9

    We are looking for a partner companies

    Hi, we are direct T-shirt printing company. We have high quality textile direct printing machines and we are looking for some partner companies to work together. We are based in central Europe. We need to sell cool t-shirts with unique designs in all Europe. We have good prices for you. If you...
  17. Y

    Custom T-shirt Drop shipping and wholesale company

    We have a custom T-shirt printing business located in the USA that offers dropshipping to your customers. We do not have a minimum so you can order 1 custom t-shirt or 1000. We have unlimited possibilities when it comes to artwork. If you are using your own website or social media or ebay etc...
  18. swagbasedgodswag

    Selling art on shirts/prints/stickers/etc.

    My gf is a really talented artist. I want to monetize her talents by creating a website where people can buy shirts/prints/posters/stickers/etc. I'm not sure what would be the easiest route for this journey. My main campaign will be instagram targeted automation to pull traffic. Does anyone...
  19. C

    How Do I Split The Profits For A T-shirt Campaign For NonProfit Corporations!

    I'm going to be designing & promoting some T-shirts for some nonprofit corporations and I'm not a registered nonprofit corporations myself. I know teespring is vary tough on this, what's the best way to do this without registering for a nonprofit corporations myself. Are there other T-shirt...
  20. M

    We Manufacture Tshirts, Polo Shirts, Sweat shirts, Hoodies, Leggings and school uniforms

    We are a small knitted garment manufacturer from India. We manufacture Round Neck T-shirts, V-neck T-shirts, Sweat Shirts, Polo Shirts(t-shirts with collar), Hoodies, Leggings, and School Uniforms for both boys and girls. We manufacture both printed and plain t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts...
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