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  1. rajamsaad7

    How the hell is this guy getting 9% bounce rate??

    Also I was watching his traffic stats how is this possible can anyone suggest whats he doing? I have a travel blog of mine with DA more than 50 and good organic traffic how can I get adsense revenue any paid efforts like buying traffic that will give more outcome in adsense also How to get...
  2. dantes.edmond21

    Best travel blog theme for wordpress + woocommerce

    Hi guys! i need a nice theme for my blog niche travel but no booking. some sugest?
  3. Ali Zaidi

    [Free Giveaway] Guest post of Travel Blog

    I own a travel website with 27 Ahref domain rating I'll provide free guest post for travel niche 800-1000 words 1 backlink 1 high authority backlink content should be high quality and unique
  4. W

    How to start TRAVEL BLOG

    Who know how to start Travel Blog please help. 1. What kind of platform should I take it 2. How to choose Which topics will be the most interisting and the most viewable? 3. Which size of Articles I need, LONG or SHORT? 4. How to make my audience FAST 5. Where I need advertise my blog? 6. How to...
  5. SirJackneeOff

    New Steps for a Travel, Study and Teach Abroad Website with 78,253 words

    I have been working for a client for about 2 years. It all began with designing a logo/brand, fixing overall UX of the website and fixing old posts which were about 100. These old posts really messed up SEO because long-tail URLs were not unique. We are up to about 180 posts now. The website...
  6. D

    Need SEO VA

    Hi I am a travel blogger and have my own travel blog that has been running for about 2 and a bit years now. I am from the UK and my travel blog is about places I been around the world and travel tips etc. my DA is 31 but only getting 3 to 7k views a month I want more views and my content...
  7. Weird Monster

    Any views about India. I'm on a tour of Asian countries.

    Hey everyone, I am travelling asian countries this summer. Though I have been to Indian before and I loved it. It was like, I have been corrupted by the western media about India. Anyways, the part I visited was northern India and I have done some more research and found that South India has...
  8. P

    Hiring a company to manage my Seo: Is it Worth it?

    Hey everyone, I have been seeing and reading about people/ companies that offer SEO management on blog site. I've been tempted multiple times to purchase their service. I own a travel and food blog and have been up and running for more than a year now. Ive been getting offers from hotels and...
  9. D

    Need a travel writer

    Hi, i am looking for a travel writer. I need 30+ articles in a span of a few weeks, articles need to be have 800+ words and no plagiarism. All the articles need to be in English. All articles need to be 100% unique. Someone with experience in travel writing would be great! Thanks
  10. O

    creating a travel blog without traveling

    as the title suggests, can i grow seccusful travel blog even if i don't travel. i mean just reading other people's stuff and come up with my own. i know it will not be an original, but can i make some money from it. sorry if this question is stupid. and thanks in advance
  11. urosmane

    Travel Affiliate program

    Hey guys, need some help I am new in this job. Got some travel instagram accounts with maybe in total 100k followers and looking to make website and link it with all my accounts. Want to type some blogs about places where I was and to add offers with few hotels in that place in that post which...
  12. diannaallen

    Hi, I'm Dianna! =)

    Two people had recommended I check out this website, so here I am. Not sure what to say, as I'm still confused about this place. Maybe someone could guide me with some advice. A little bit about me, I'm currently a freelance writer. I specialize in SEO travel-related blog posts and articles. I...
  13. zay6385

    Blogger needed for experience writing for travel niche

    Hello everyone, I am looking for experienced blogger to write experience on travel niche - please have a look at my blog post to get an idea on what i want. Thank you
  14. oliversmith

    Looking for Travel Blogs to exchange, sponsored Guest post

    Hi there, I have a Travel blog (DA 40, PA 46, traffic 25000/month) and 20 PBNs outdoor niche. I am looking for travel blogs to exchange, sponsored guest posts with link in article body or in Author bio. All my articles are unique 700+ words and written by Good writers. Images buy on...
  15. stinkyac

    Bonjourno! He Ho Let's Go!

    Bonjourno there! I'd like to introduce myself as the proud owner of my Travel & Lifestyle blog LittleBrookRoad. As I've noticed it's important to keep up with the game of SEO, SEA, Social Media and all digital Marketing aspects so I'm here to learn and be taught. So give me a shout if you...