translation service

  1. xtrc

    Hi all!

    I'm new here. Always looking for new stuff to learn :) I'm a seller on Fiverr (Translations and Copy Editing). Interested in Cryptocurrencies, coffee and getting awesome gig reviews.
  2. Lokht

    Looking for Auto/bulk Translation service

    I need some translation from English, few thousand sentences (all are WP blog titles) What are my options? 10x
  3. N

    English to Multi Language Translator Needed!

    Hello, I am looking for translators for a website from English to multi language as described below. English ---> Russian English ----> German English ----> Spanish English ----> French If satisfied, i will give more orders in the future. Note: Payment will be only after full work delivery in...
  4. D

    Translating 10,000 words from english to german

    Hey guys, this is my first post to BHW. Please excuse, if this is the wrong area to post my question. I have an english ebook with about 10000 words and i need it to be translated to german. Does anyone know a cheap translation service? My budget is 50€ (about 55$). I know that's not much, i've...
  5. marcelomusza

    Translation Services | English to Spanish and viceversa. Advice needed.

    Hi guys, I am interested in starting a translation service to sell here and other Freelance websites. As I am a native Spanish speaker, I see that there are many jobs of this kind, so it is enough motivation to get started, and I have good writing skills to use in my advantage. My question now...
  6. P

    English to German Translation - Large Project

    Hi all, I am looking for a good quality translation of my large corporate website from English into German. Content must be translated so that native German speakers understand it clearly, and should be re-written in parts (using alternative description words etc) to avoid it looking like...
  7. W

    French articles/Translation?

    I was wondering if there are people here interested in French articles packs or the translation of content/website from English to French. My service would not be cheap since I'm not leaving in India or such. Still, I'm selling quality at a fair price. French articles writing services are...
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