transfer wordpress blog

  1. FormerBoxer

    Transferring Websites Help

    Hey I been on a mission asking question today and thanks for every bodies help:D I bought a website on Flippa and I bought it off someone who is I don't think would trust transferring all the files, domains etc. to my hosting. They seem like me not too tech savy. Does anyone know if I could hire...
  2. CashGrower007

    HELP - I Want To Transfer My Blog From Root

    Hey Guys, How do I transfer my Wordpress blog from the root of my site to /blog ... Can I just copy and paste the files in that directory? or do I need to set a database etc.. Also, what happens to my rankings and indexed pages? Just say my main page rank very high for a competitive keyword...
  3. S

    What's The Least Complicated Way To Do This...

    I have decided that I should list some of my sites on flippa to get some capital available for my currently planned projects... However, the sites I want to sell are WordPress Blogs, hosted on Hostgator. I do not have the dough right now to sign up for re-seller hosting, So my question is HOW...
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