1. l33t_soup

    BADASS Audio/Video Transcription Service: ✔️SEO ✔️More Traffic ✔️Content!

    Our Service Okay. So, what's your problem? No, seriously… what’s your biggest pain right now as a content creator? I’ll tell you right now - most of our clients at Content Soup really HATE having to transcribe their audio for: Podcasts YouTube videos (Vimeo, Daily Motion etc.) Webinars...
  2. fxmanaged

    Better transcription for sound effects than YouTube's AI

    Since 2017 YouTube has been transcribing basic sound cues; e.g., [applause], [laughter], [music], etc. Do you know of a better 3rd party service that can, either manually or automatically, transcribe a wider variety of sound cues for videos without dialogue, like how-it's-made and similar...
  3. imccafey

    GoTranscribe Test Quiz - is it too ambitious to think I'll ever pass?

    So I had been working my brains off to pass the preliminary quiz on GoTranscript for completing and proceeding forward as an applicant and it seems quite impossible to get them to say "Yeah you passed!". I've read their guidelines to the word and I've attempted the exam 10 times yet everytime...
  4. zobicoin

    [METHOD] How to generate tons of free articles daily.

    So, I'm not the guy with so much words and all. I'll go straight to the point. Go to YouTube, enter your keyword and search. You'll get a lot of videos. A BHW member @FatBee created a tool that will transcribe YouTube videos to words for free. A huge thanks to that guy...
  5. E

    How or where to profit translation or transcriptions?

    Hi y'all , the question it's displayed on the title. How can I make money from translation or transcriptions? I'm kinda new in theinternet business, and I'm pretty good at languages or transcriptions, I also have a channel with lyrics and I translate them, making money from them with Adsense...