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  1. mizo114

    any mothed how to make money from tiktok traffic ??

    hey guys i just have one question ...i have 2 account tiktok one 12k followers and other with 16k followers ..there is any method to get money from this traffic
  2. michel hocks

    It's time To change The Network Ad-center What You Think Any Recomendation

    This is my last Three days Traffic stats for my ad-center account and i am disappointed i think they are stolen lots of sales Which is the best for ad-center alternative?
  3. AmeliaLily

    What are some good tips for using SEO for wordpress?

    What are some good tips for using SEO for wordpress?
  4. onlinefreefilms

    [JV] Your Social Media Traffic + My movie/tv shows website = $$

    Have a growing movie/tv shows website with around 800-1k daily users. Done on page and off page seo but traffic has stabelized. I am looking for a partner with reddit and other social media accounts that can help me grow traffic. Looking for tier 1 and 2 traffic mostly. I want to monetize...
  5. MartonB

    what some good cheap bot traffic?

    looking for a good cheap service for bot traffic with different referral sources, average time per visit 2 minutes. will need about 500.000 pageviews. any recommendations, please.
  6. Kelsi Ivanov

    Help with reviews for Fiverr please.

    Hey there, i am looking for people who will drop a good review on my fiverr page. I just started my first logo designing gigg and have 0 reviews. I will return the favor and give you a review as well. Thanks guys
  7. syphaxmail

    I am looking for real traffic adsense safe software

    Hi, I am looking for one of my clients adsense safe software and while doing research on it got "" not sure if it is worthy or recommend me any software if you have $30 Thanks
  8. C

    Found a Interesting site with huge traffic gain and ugly URL's.....

    Hey, I was conducted some research and managed to see this site, ranking very well. What caught my eye was the domain name, I thought defiantly an affiliate site, it was only when I looked at the slug of the URL's that I found it has just number and no keywords. I ran it through Ahrefs and...
  9. T

    I Haven't seen any new method revealing here in BHW

    hello, I hope everyone is safe and doing well during this pandemic. I'm a long time lurker of this forum and recently joined I am noticing that people are not revealing or sharing good info like before everyone wants to keep their methods for themselves. the reason could be they don't want...
  10. Isuamfon

    Hard Lessons from Quora vs Google Traffic

    With over 400,000 views on Quora here is my little take on it. Traffic on Quora does not really convert when it has to do with affiliate programs. Maybe 10% do if you're lucky. But on Google, 80+% converts. Why? Because people coming to Google to enter a search term wants to solve a problem...
  11. SeedPhrase

    2M traffic but $0 income (Broke)

    Hi mates, one of my friends has an image(quotes) site with 2M traffic but he purely depends on the AdSense which gives peanuts(approx $2k/m), can this site could give $50K/m?? If yes, share some monetization tips and feedback go create a business from that site that would be highly appreciated.
  12. K

    Best traffic source site for CPA

    I'm a newbie in CPA marketing and presently running an ad on Facebook. What I noticed is that the conversion rate is very low. Only about 2% of the views clicked my link on Facebook with no Sign-up. As it is now, I'm running at loss on the campaign. Presently, I only have 5 clicks, no Sign-up...
  13. I

    Adsense earning

    Hey everyone I have a AdSense account approved and a website but no traffic no click and no earning. But one click AdSense give .30$. How can earn by AdSense. Plz suggest.
  14. Castamir

    Need to Advertise on a Blog With at Least 1K Daily Pageviews

    I want to purchase ad spaces on blogs that recieve a thousand visitors or more each day. Contact me if your blog meets this criteria.
  15. Shalisha Ladawn Wade

    Let me know if anyone is free for earning

    Hi I would like to be called Lawade looking for someone to gear up the traffic for my website & app. The one I hired previously said he is busy can't say why and where.
  16. predator1988@

    Any less known social network for website traffic?

    Hi guys Does anyone use any less known social network to bring traffic to his website? Whats the best network for website traffic after facebook, pinterest, instagram and twiter? Thanks
  17. BlackShield


    HAPPY CLIENTS REVIEWS Contact EMAIL: [email protected] SKYPE: live:120e02cff96899f3 TELEGRAM:
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