trading stocks

  1. Kondo Lee

    Get verified as a pro Trader in Europe? how?

    I want to get approved on my broker as a pro trader so I could trade with higher leverage, but these are the requirements: Have you carried out transactions more than 150 EUR per transaction in CFDs (or Options) at an average frequency of 10 per quarter over the previous 4 quarters? Yes No...
  2. masanwar

    $100/day from trading Network, thanks blackhatworld for motivations

    Finally i make good money from trading Platform, i make my days better and better. i just use 1 simple indicator to help my work, its called RSI, and with good analysis and perfect timing i can always get my profit each time i buy or sell trades. dont give up my friends, there are still many...
  3. slickbrick

    What's the best course on Trading?

    So.. I'm curious. My 2 best friends are making trucks of money with Forex Trading. They do "work" 4-5 hours a day, which is cool. I saw them reading, analyzing and "playing", but I don't really feel like asking them to teach me since I always told them I thought it was a scam. They also...

    Hi BHW

    Hi guys! nice meeting you all. Im new here i really like this website it's awesome, i am learning about day trading so I would appreciate it if anyone can give me advice or anything that can help me with trading.
  5. zoomsixx

    Using SEO to manipulate stock prices

    I know technically this is illegal but maybe some of you have "friends" who have done something of this sort. I remember when spammers successfully did this with penny stocks. Share any details you may have. Just for entertainment purposes only of course.
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