torrent marketing

  1. B

    List of trackers

    Hello. I want to use the most updated trackers now. Is there a list that I can borrow from someone? THanks.
  2. M

    Self Help Torrentsite used to make $25000/yr now for $500 on Flippa

    Is this a good offer? It used to make a ton of money some years ago according to this listing: Does anyone know this...
  3. R

    Torrents is helpful

    can we earn money by uploading files in torrents...
  4. W

    Parked domains & torrents [Idea, not tested]

    Hello. First if this is posted anywhere else here on BHW, then im very sorry was not able to find any threads. Sinse i have been looking abit into domain parking, and think there were missing some posts about it, i thought i would share this idea i was playing with the other day. Basicly you...
  5. I

    Torrent Instructions Needed

    Just getting to understand what torrents are and have Googled various videos and other instructions but have not found much of the information needed according to doing some of the Black Hat methods. Can anyone recommend where to find videos and or instructions that cover some of the Black...
  6. Sniper

    How to Mass Create a Directory Full of Torrents in Windows

    Use this to take a directory full of files and turn them into torrents. I got this from a variety of threads on spread across a few forums and got it working. 1. Get and install python 2.5.4. There is Python 3.0, but this version works for me 2. Download this zip...
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