1. shege

    Moving website to a new subdomain or changing TLD(.com,org etc)

    Hello guys i have been watching some website that always in the top 3 in my niche and he's always switching subdomains from www. to www1. and now he's on www2. My question is does this have any benefit in seo, is this part of the reason he's always on the top of google search page. And this...
  2. D

    Can i have same domain with 2 tlds?

    Hi All, I have a website with tld .org ( domain name is exact match keyword with very good monthly searches) and it is ranking only in my country. Since the keyword had good monthly searches in US Can i use the same website content with tld as .us? Below are the stats for my keyword and i...
  3. homeriscool

    Launching a new website - should I use .com or new TLD ?

    Hi all, I'm about to launch a new website but I am torn between using one of the new domain extensions or Which one would you use and why?
  4. Mark Eternally

    A Lot of 3 Character .org domains available

    3 character domain currently open for the taking ...
  5. CrazyAnimal

    Suggest Me - TLD's According to Country Wise

    Hi, Need your help. Already I have the website for my product. And i am targeting that product through SEO & PPC. www[dot]domain[dot]com www[dot]domain[dot]com/landing (Especially for PPC) And my targeted audience are middle east region & Indian region. Currently i have generated around 3...
  6. judaculla

    Domain Value

    So, I've got a bad habit of thinking a domain name is valuable only to later realize that it isn't. When it comes to analyzing sites with actual metrics like DA, PA, CF, TF, etc... I get it. When it comes to a fresh, or not really ever-developed domain, I lose my grasp. For instance, lets...
  7. S

    .CITY tld domains would you buy them and which ones? eg .london .nyc .berlin

    Hey all As you will know recently some .city domain names are being released and specifically today .london for londoners (I am from london so get first access!) I haven't traded domain names before although I do buy expired and expiring domains for seo blog networks. So my question is do you...