tinder bot

  1. Luksa998

    Help with tinder bot?

    I need someone to help me with tinder bot, i have no experience with tinder, but i have exp with instagram botting. I will pay, that isnt problem. I want to learn how to create new accounts on tinder without ban, shadowban :) Thank you in advance
  2. B

    Is tinder marketing feasible right now?

    Just out of curiosity who here's actually have any success with using tinder to bring traffic? if so how much traffic from how many accounts/bots?
  3. B

    Can some one please help me with tinder marketing?

    I've created a bot for tinder, yet can not figure out how to register accounts without getting shadow banned to save my life. Can anyone help me? Willing to pay to by tinder accounts. Willing to pay for IG follows through tinder marketing.
  4. Munni

    Need PVA suggestion for Tinder

    I have Tinder bot, but for Token I'm facing huge problem with PVA Number. Can you guy's please help me with some suggestion, Which company should I use for creating PVA/Token? Thanks in advance.
  5. T

    My Tinder Bot + Reddit DM Bot + Affiliate Links - Your Tinder Tokens + Proxies + Ideas

    Hello, i have a private tinder bot and reddit bot with many functions. I am looking for a jv partner with tinder tokens + proxies + ideas. Atm I am trying direct messaging adult cpa offers to reddit users. Also i would like to send cpa offers to tinder users. Do not worry about captcha solving...
  6. ThatBritishGuy

    Tinder Bot

    I have only seen one tinder bot out there right now and its $2500 for the lifetime which is just crazy to me. I am just looking for a tinder bot that can run around 10 accounts at the same time, auto swipe, auto message...just basic stuff. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Many thanks!
  7. 0V3RR1D3

    Looking for Tinder Chat Bot to grow social media following

    The Chatbot's purpose is to get people to add a Snapchat account. I don't need it to be overly complex with chatting ability, probably 3-5 outgoing messages at most. Just able to quickly move the conversation to add the Snapchat account. Please reply or PM me to talk in more detail. If you...
  8. B

    Anyone with experience with Tinder bots - how sophisticated is Tinder's anti-spam tech?

    I've been considering the merits of setting up some tinder bots for the usual cam-site referral link routine. I'm curious to hear whether I need to take any further measures to ensure my bots stick around long enough to earn back the handful of dollars I spend on their virtual phone numbers...
  9. johnhustle007

    Where can I find a legit Tinder bot or CRM

    Hey secret agents, I’m looking for a tinder bot that I can login with my 10-50 Tinder plus accounts to handle the swiping & messaging for me on auto! Messaging should have a time delay Messaging should have a span text (to upload 1000+ different welcome messages) Login (I should be able to...
  10. Munni

    Looking for Tinder Bot

    From couple of month I saw TindFire is not working and not updating any more. Is there any Bot like TindFire on market? Please Help. Thank you.
  11. fmbaba01

    My Bots + Offers,Your Tokens/Accounts + usage = $$$

    I have acess to couple of Bots i'd like to JV with interested persons here. Tinder Bot Tagged.com Bot MoccoSpace Bot 9gag.com Bot StumbleUpon Bot xTumble Bot Wanelo Bot WeHearItBot Interested persons who has got tokens/accounts and will like to run any of these Bots are welcome to PM me. My...
  12. J

    Looking for someone to make a Tinderbox

    Hi , I'm looking for a real programmer who is able to manage to make a bit more advanced tinder bot. The requirements for the bot would be something like this : The bot is going to be able to do 5-6 scripted auto message with time delay between. the bot need a admin control so I can manage to...
  13. greymoon

    [LOOKING] Chats from Tinder bots screenshots

    Hello guys, maybe someone from you livin in the US and UK and everyday using Tinder?(fits all countries just I think these are mostly attacked by robots) If yes maybe you get shitload of fake chats from robots when you match with them? I'm looking to buy chats with bots screenshots. If you are...
  14. SEOtime

    [BETA] Tinder Autoresponder Bot

    Hi, I am looking for people who are into Adult CPA to test my Tinder bot Features: - Multiple account management - Account Checker - Token generator from fb acccounts - Bio updater - Auto Like - Send messges - Autoresponder ( This is important feature need to deep testing) - Spintax - Support...
  15. Kazi Minhaz

    Need a good suggestion for CPA

    which cpa network and offer is the best for TINDER. i have a tinder custom bot. i tried crackrev with ppl offer. Here's my question, which one will be the best? ppl/ppt/pps?? BHW pls help me out !!!!!!!!!! o_Oo_Oo_O
  16. theblue

    What should be the ideal responses for tinder

    I have bought a tinder bot recently. it works fine but I'm confused about the messages I should use. I use this bot to promote dating offers. this bot automatic matches and sends message to user and that's how it promotes. please suggest me some best responses or tips for the bot.
  17. HoustonTheCat

    Looking for spam/bots for iOS in dating niche

    Hi to All! I'm working on dating iOS applications promotion (over 20 different apps for different niches, such - milf, hot sex, casual dating, etc). Geo - English speaking auditory. I need some who able to drive a lot of good traffic. I need at least 1000 installs per day for single...
  18. I

    What is the best affiliate program for tinder bot

    Hi, I have a tinder bot.I want to do affiliate marketing.I need suggestions about which affiliate network should I use.I don't have any website.
  19. A

    Tinder bot

    Looking for a working Tinder bot..i need only which is working fine..pm u with ur offer.. Thanks
  20. Zia Ur Rahman

    [JV] MY Tinder Token + Own Dating PPL -Your Bot

    Hello, I can provide tinder token + my own dating ppl offers paying on daily basis . i just need you to help me with Profitable method in tinder bot . Looking only for serious people who knows what they are doing. We can split the earnings then and make big bucks. .. What i can provide...