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  1. P

    i'm getting mixed traffic from tiktok why?

    I'm posting all my videos on TikTok and using a 4G proxy to appear in the USA, but I'm still getting mixed traffic. Can anyone please give me the solution?
  2. B

    Tiktok 0 views with link in bio

    I can create new account tiktok and get link in bio directly after creation but after publishing i'm stuck on 0 views this is why i want to ask for help how i can run multiple tiktok accounts and get views
  3. panfik

    Tiktok Growth Method

    Sup bhw for context: I’ve been doing social media management and growth for the past few years for businesses using the basic method for tiktok, follow/unfollow, botting, ads, engaging with other audiences, promoting tiktoks on reddit and other platforms too, reposting, stitch method and more...
  4. Mampfred77

    Very Low views Tiktok

    Hey guys I have recently started posting on my US Sim TikTok account. I started to reach an audience of around 50-100 people for every post. However something seems very odd with the views to like ratio. As an example one of my videos with 80 views has over 20 likes. However always when posting...
  5. jahdiemental

    5500 - 1 million tiktok views

    My goal is to hit 1 million views on Tiktok with only original content thats made just for my niche This is my first real attempt at trying to make some money so any and all advice is greatly appreciated I will try updating once a week to document my journey Current Stats: Views: 5485...
  6. F


    Hi guys hope your all good, so i have been running TikTok re-purposing for a while now and have pretty much nailed the strategy on account health longevity as far is it goes for explicit content but if your not doing that your account will last forever.We also avoid those annoying "Not Eligible"...
  7. J

    TikTok Farm 0 Views Problem

    Hey guys! I used to manage a lot of accounts on 4g hotspot IP adresses and one device, but one day all videos started getting 0 views (still eligible for FYP). I thought it might be a hardware ban since they can’t ban my IP if I always change it with the airplane mode method. So I got a new...
  8. A

    Original Content But Shadow Banned From TIktok

    Hey! I got this UK proxy thing from Proxy Web share website and set it up on Chrome using Foxy Proxy. Then, I made a TikTok account, posted my original content, but guess what? Zero views! I'm thinking they caught on to my proxy use and hit me with a shadow ban. What do I do now? Help a fellow...
  9. MehtaM

    Which VPN works fine with TikTok?

    Looking for a VPN, paid or free, which works absolutely fine with TikTok and. The videos shall get views and accounts shouldn't get shadowban.
  10. Srabon888

    TikTok method

    Many clients are facing issues after uploading TikTok videos. After uploading videos, TikTok shadowbans them, resulting in zero views. There have been numerous issues behind TikTok's checkout process. The primary reason is the device. Many people use fake devices, while others use real devices...
  11. A

    Interesting tiktok observation

    Hello, writing this post because things are getting urgent. I'll explain the situation briefly, and later I'll have a question for the experts. I sell t-shirts and sweatshirts through TikTok organics (no links, not trying to promote myself). Started making TikTok posts following the pattern of...
  12. nezzyboi


    Hello guys, i was working with tiktok cpa method spamming videos it was working so good but recently i got 0 views ( i'm posting on Tiktok mod targeting usa ). can someone help me to not stuck at 0 views please. thank you
  13. M

    Any tips to grow my Cosplayer Tiktok account?

    As a male cosplayer, I have a TikTok account that has a cosplay niche. My followers are stuck at 200. Upon research, female cosplayers (most of them are NSFW) are getting much followers than male cosplayers like me. is there any way to grow my TikTok cosplay account as a male cosplay content...
  14. M


    HOW THIS EVEN WORKS? https://www.tiktok.com/@jed_quotes/photo/7317105540474211590
  15. X

    Does Tiktok know when you don't upload original content?

    Yesterday i made a new Tiktok account. I reuploaded 2 videos from youtube and they both got about 600 views each. So i reuploaded 3 more i found on youtube, but this time i got 0 views on all of them. I was wondering if tiktok knows that it was not original content, so i made 2 videos myself and...
  16. BigPollock

    How are your views on Tik-Tok During Holidays ? Mine are gone

    Hey gentlemen, my vids would usually reach 1k in few minutes and perform well , didin't change anything doing everything the same but around 3-4 days ago the views are just not there 1k changed to 20 not sure what's happening. Is anyone having the same issue ?
  17. LonelyRooster

    Multiple US TikTok account [PROBLEM]

    Hi! Thank you guys for your time in advance, I will lay out the problem. The objective is to be able to post to TikTok US from multiple accounts from the same device without getting flagged, getting a shadowban, or a reach penalty. In this scenario, I have almost every ingredient, but still...
  18. Luca Marketing Agency

    TikTok shadowban

    Hello! I'm a newbie of TikTok with 2 years experience. While building a TikTok account, I see the biggest problem is Shadowban and our traffic stop. So this is my sharing about Tiktok shadowban, hope it can help someone. I'm here to listen to contributions, if I'm wrong in some parts, feel free...
  19. V


    I suspect I might be shadowbanned on TikTok. One of my videos received around 7k views, but since then, I've seen no activity. Do you have any advice on this issue? Additionally, could you please explain the steps for becoming verified on TikTok? I appreciate your assistance.
  20. ambassador_ofm

    Tiktok 0 views on the first 3 videos

    I've never had this problem, my accounts have always worked. At the moment when I create a new account (Europe), I'm blocked at 0 views on the first 3 videos, it's impossible to get a view, whatever the video, I've created I don't know how many accounts, but on my other large accounts I have no...
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