1. V

    Can YouTube Channels Recover from a Bad Algorithm Score or do you have to create a new one?

    Hi guys, so I think I hurt my algorithm score by fiddling with Thumbnails on my YouTube shorts. Short explanation: I posted my YouTube shorts (made them public) for about 30 seconds to check what Thumbnail I would be getting. Usually YouTube would auto-select a pretty bad thumbnail, so I...
  2. O

    Looking for a Master of Thumbnails!

    Hello Black Hat World I am looking for a certain level of quality thumbnails. There may be other examples..but this is the one I keep coming back to for the quality I am looking for. Is there anyone on here able to make this level of...
  3. Degen

    Youtube Thumbnail designer

    Looking for a Youtube thumbnail designer. Please DM me your samples/portfolio.
  4. goku786

    How can I make these types of thumbnails?

    hey guys does anyone knows... How can I make these types of thumbnails? Thank you.
  5. Rank Panda

    Youtube Thumbnail Service - Get Eye Catchy Youtube Thumbnail at Affordable Price

  6. L

    Need some suggestions from expert in my youtube channel

    I have 97 videos now in my youtube channel my channel is related to cooking recipe all videos i made by my own 10 months gone but still no success at all please i need some help
  7. JimmyTwoTimes

    What's a good thumbnail generator? I mean the one with people's images on?

    I have a Canva account so that's all good but the type of thumbnails I'd like is the proven/effective ones that have the image of the speaker smiling or looking shocked with the zig-zap "pow!!" sort of effect. I hope that makes sense? What I am trying to say is - can anyone point me to a...
  8. Moro007

    Youtube thumbnail removed ?

    Hi , I'm working on adult niche cpa , I'm using YouTube as my traffic source , I've posted some videos of girls dancing...etc. But YouTube start removing thumbnails from my videos saying that I don't respect their guidelines . I've searched the same niche on YouTube and i see a lot of videos...
  9. indra ks

    how to make auto thumbnail from video embed?

    how to make auto thumbnail for tube site from embed video like openload.zippyshare, streamtape etc. please give me a solution
  10. U

    SOS Help with embed videos in Wordpress - Adult Tube Site

    Hello everybody! I have recently created an adult tube site and I cannot get over a specific problem. I have a list of embed videos, but I do not know how to post them on my website so they would look like xvideos - thumbnail=the thumbnail of the video + autoplay when mouse is on it. I just...
  11. D

    THUMBNAILS AHHH (tube site)

    Hello everyone, I am a super newbie and I need help. I used Ken Importer for auto posting videos. HOWEVER it seems that the thumbnails were not imported. I have 117 posts and only 35 thumbnails showing. I looked in the uploads folder in my Cpanel and I definetly do not have 117 photos in...
  12. N

    {Please Help} Sociallyviral Pro thumbnail size

    How to change the Homepage thumbnail size. My site Screenshot.: Other sites1 Screenshot: ( Other sites2 Screenshot: ( How to Customize the Same as other sites? Thanks
  13. B

    [Q] HOW TO upload a thumbnail without being phone verified on youtube 2019! (for uploading videos!)

    Hi BHW May i know how to upload custom thumbnail without being phone verified?. Recently i have created some dummies accounts for testing purposes. Well dummy account is working fine till now but my only problem is i dont a thumbnail in my videos of my dummy youtube account. Is there any method...
  14. L

    YouTube Video Editor and Thumbnail Maker

    Hi I want to hire someone who can take my boring Internet Marketing Videos and color grade and edit them to look professional. I will give you a outline of the way that I want the video to be. Also every video should have an attention grabbing thumbnail with big bold words across it. If you...
  15. R

    wanted: YouTube Thumbnails designer

    I am looking for a experienced YouTube Thumbnail Designer for a new german kids toy channel channel Anyone interested? References are appreciated.
  16. enovator

    Any Twitter Expert Here? Help Needed

    Hi, First of thanks for reading. As you know there are two types of links(generally speaking) one link which is a simple URL and other link which have a click able Thumbnail with some text. My question is; On wordpress, how can I create a post which instead of a plain URL becomes a clickable...
  17. -EXP0SED-

    A Thumbnail / Stillshot generator program?

    Hi all, i am looking for a program that i can upload a video to and it will grab still images that i can save so for example hovering over the post will show a few still shots? i have tried a few programs but still looking for something that is working. Thank you all so much
  18. Heiko

    [GUIDE]How to create a good looking Thumbnail!

    Hello, First of all, i am sorry for the delay for this Topic. I actually wanted to do this back in september but i really got stressed out with my projects and my offline work. Some members might remember that i made a Youtube Startup Guide a few months ago and also stated there that i am going...
  19. TipsterTom

    Recommendme a wordpress plugin that will generate thumbnails for my vids (preferably free)

    Just as the title says: I'm uploading vids to my wordpress site, but I can't generate video thumbnails for my posts. ANyone knows any solution for that?
  20. n3wb1e

    Facebook website thumbnail Sizes

    Hello, I have been trying to figure this out for a couple of hours now. I saw the recommended sizes on google and on facebook... and I have setup the images to 1200 x 630 but it still shows a "SMALL" thumb on mobile... what is weird is that it fb debug tool... it displays A BIG THUMB...