theme adsense

  1. C

    Free Adsense Arbaitrage Blogger Theme

    I need a free blogger theme include a good emplacement & next previous button Any suggestions ?
  2. tuliosousa25

    [HELP] Wordpress responsive mobile friendly theme

    Hello BHW! I have a men lifestyle blog and I need some advice to change my theme for new good one. I need a theme that is responsive and mobile friendly and also that is good to place ads with a good speed. Basically I need a lightweight theme who is also good.:D Thank you all in advance!
  3. Didou

    Theme and Ads

    Hello everyone I'm trying to make a website and I have already bought a domain and hosting, but when it came to the theme I'm really lost and I got 2 main problems that I need answers for them please : - Do I need a specific theme to get Ads on it, or ads can appear in all kinds of themes? -...
  4. A

    theme wordpress

    Hi guys i have a problem my theme is very low i use newspaper please anyone have a good theme be simple and faster share it with us really i very need it or if you have way to faster website share it with us thank you and wait me i will share with you my stratigie to get traffic without spend...
  5. A

    Theme and monetization with Adsense

    Hi I am new to the forum, I was reading for some time and I saw that there are very interesting topics. I write this post to ask the following: I found two websites that monetize with Adsense, - - None of them offer real downloads, only show the download...
  6. memovlad

    im looking for a wordpress adsense theme

    hello everyone , Anyone knows a decent WordPress theme , what is adsense friendly and to be optimized for mobile/tablet traffic ? At the moment i got the Bimber theme , but im not happy with it so im planning to change my theme. If anyone knows a good theme , please tell me the name of it...
  7. vibedz

    What is the Fastest Wordpress Theme and optimized for Adsense ?

    Hi Beautiful people of The world It's me again !!! Realy I can't live without your suggetions lol Today I want to know which Wordpress Theme are Optimized for Seo and Adsense ? For content marketing Niche health , babies and relationships !! Thank's my awesome people of the world
  8. vibedz

    CTR THEME PLUS is it dangerous for Adsense ?

    Hhello guys , i jyust installed Ctr theme plus but i've heard maybe i will be banned from adsense because this wordpess theme ? - any similar theme ? thank's guys
  9. Neha Sinoi

    Any one have [Admania Wordpress Theme] ?? Do share

    any one have Admania - Best AD Optimized WordPress Theme For Adsense & Affiliate Enthusiasts link: kindly share
  10. pulkitseo

    Can anyone get me skin of theme ?

    Hello , Can anyone provide me with the skin of thesis theme ? I want skin for my blog on tourist place. Regards
  11. E

    [Get] Made a new tumblr theme, free for all

    Hey guys, just made a new minimalistic tumblr. Feedbacks would be appreciated! To place an ad use the following code: Fixed on left side: <div style="position:fixed;top:40px;left:20px"> [ad code] </div> Fixed on right side: <div...
  12. energizedmale

    Best adsense Theme selection

    Hello, How to find out which is Money Making Theme? I would like to know which theme is good for adsense, if any one has screenshots or name then it will be very helpful for selecting best theme for my blogger as well as WP. I am looking for both WP and Blogger theme.
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