thanks bhw

  1. NiceDogey

    Good to be back, made my $253,60 in 12 days

    It feels to be back. Up and down from stable 5 figures per month, to beyond 7 figures in the crypto bull run. Got burned, REKT, we learn from our mistakes. However... During the times on BHW, I've built something I'm passionate doing. I've built an alternative. I've built reputation. I used to...
  2. KingSayhem

    Hi guys!

    I think I found the source where these SEO-Youtubers got their content from. Really happy to join!
  3. sparkh

    So happy about my first result$! Thanks BHW

    Not a lot, i know, but i'm starting to understand how things work in IM and i'm so looking forward to reach my first 100€ :smirk: I started this project back in march and without knowing BHW and without any knowledge about SEO and Affiliate marketing, but reading this amazing forum everyday and...
  4. LearningForever

    Thank you. You are awesome.

    It's been a week or so since I signed in the forum. I learned A TON OF GREAT STUFF in this time. Gathered increible resources that help me in my journey. I am just amazed with the wonderful community that gravitates BHW. Thank you so much: you are Keanu-Reeves-Awesomeness level.
  5. Vybra

    Mini Heart-Attack

    Was browsing through the forums like always and got this message out of nowhere. At first, I thought I must have been banned or something. Luckily, I could still message on the Support website and thought about messaging the official BHW FB page. Got everything solved super quickly by The...
  6. thetrash

    It's my Birthday Today :)

    It’s my birthday today and I’m spending it on BHW. I was feeling so low a couple of days ago when I joined the community. Things have changed ever since. I feel much more confident and positive about myself. I have started seeing life from a whole new perspective (in a better way, of course). I...
  7. Schindler

    Time to thank BHW

    Hey BHW Family, I have been attached with this forum since a long time and I have learnt some really crazy things here. I have no doubt this is one of the best Digital Marketing forum ever. I feel like there are so many super-humans here! CRAZY DIGITAL MARKETERS! I started off with Social...
  8. Sheepp

    [Thanks] Just hit 700$/day - Thanks BHW ! (+Story+Newbie advice+800words)

    Hey there, some of you may have already seen it in my journey thread (, but today (in fact, yesterday but whatever) I've reached a personal milestone in IM : 700$ in one day. The method used is CPA with OGads (for details...
  9. dusty neal

    About to begin IG journey

    Thanks to finding this form I finally am gaining the confidence to begin an Instagram journey of my own. I wish everyone the best of luck on their own journeys and ill be sure to keep everyone posted on my progress.
  10. J Rod

    Kind of new to the site...

    I've been a member for a few months already but never actually posted until today. I've been reading and learning as there is so much information to go through! I hope to keep finding some more awesome information as I have been lately. I've been doing facebook advertising and have been...
  11. M

    Hello, Hallo, Ciao BHW :)

    Hello Amazing community of BHW :) I joined this awesome forum last year, I found it because I was searching for "paid advertisement". I was observing the forum for a while, I was ready to start applying all the great tips that I found on this forum. At the end, I never did that because I...
  12. D

    New Member Intro

    Hey there! It's a pleasure being among professional and dedicated internet marketers alike. Looking forward to hearing from you guys! ;)
  13. R

    Just wanted to thank everyone for all the knowledge shared on here & Introduce myself :)

    Hey guys, My name?s Tony and after lurking through the forums for about a month, i've decided to finally make a post and introduce myself. The community have been great so far and I am currently earning a steady amount of $30 per month through Amazon to eBay arbitrage - a method I learnt on...
  14. D

    Big thanks and advice if poss

    I just wanted to say a big thanks to all of you guys and girls at BHW. I have been trying to start earning money from sites since June last year, and every time I run out of ideas or motivation I come back here and leave again full of energy and new ideas. Last June I started a local...
  15. Ambitious12

    One Year Journey of IM Completed.Thanks each n every BHW members

    Just completed one year today in BHW. I do not have any screenshot of my earning but yes I am very proudly say that now I am one responsible Marketer,I was the one who do not know anything about SEO and then when I lost my comfort zone then I understand the importance of IM and money. :) But Now...
  16. W

    [GET] 15 +1's for FREE to your link

    Last time I gave 10 people more +1's than I promised and I'm here again to give a little back. I own a big G+ community and will share your link there naturally. I'm sure you will get 15 +1's at least and a few more naturally (Last time one guy even got 60 +1's since its shared naturally and I...
  17. H

    Complete n00b needs 1 hour of help on MonsterSocial/Socialwrench configuration - $$

    I am trying to do some modest promotion for 1 particular band on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. I have Socialwrench and have spend 10 hours attempting to familiarize myself with the program, but some of it is still unclear to me, despite how user friendly it already is. I need 1 hour of...
  18. E

    I'm Ryan, pleased to meet you and thanks you BHW

    Hi folks, i've been lurking on this forum for quite a while now and since the community seems to be really friendly, I decided to join you all to share my journey and to thanks you for everything you already learned me. First things first I must apologize for my english that is far from perfect...
  19. rjb4594

    My first sale on Amazon! Thanks BHW!

    Hello I made two sale within two weeks with hardly any work on my website. Thanks BHW, for the knowledge. tips- forget what you already think you know and follow the steps.
  20. D

    Thank you

    I just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you for putting together this website. I've been lurking for a few days now, and have already learned a lot. I hope to be able to contribute and give back to this valuable resource and great group of people.
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