thank you page

  1. Waddup

    Clickbank Thank You page protection

    Thanks for checking in... It has been absolute ages since I worked with Clickbank and in the process everything up. It's a basic eBook that I am looking to sell on there. Just looking for a simple solution to protect the thank you page without much nonsense in between, possible. Looked at...
  2. A

    Problem caused by Thank you page

    hi guys , i'm working on building email list and i manage to get 10 to 25 emails / day with free methods . i created a my own Thank you page and the opt-in rate dropped to 0 or 1 . Can anyone help to figure out what the probelm is ? screenshot of TY bellow :
  3. W

    Sales Funnel

    Hi there, I have just made my first sales funnel. I'm hoping you guys can give me some feedback. I will post the Landing Page link and the Thank You page so people don't think this is ploy to get e-mails.. NO e-mails required here people.
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