thank you bhw

  1. M

    Hi BHW Community - I Believe by Helping Each Other, We Can Create a Better World!

    Hi BHW Community, I am Momina, A Newbie to BHW but not to SEO and Digital Marketing. With having a lot of memories of a great time spent and relationships I built with my numerous long-term clients; I have joined BHW with Higher Hopes. Someone recommended me to join it and told me that BHW...
  2. max201max

    Hey BHW, new here, just sharing some free tools I found interesting. Thanks for an awesome community here!

    I've recently joined your forum, and I just wanted to say thank you to you all. The kind of information you share here is amazing, I am very glad and happy to have found this forum and I feel like I am learning a lot. Anyway, I don't know much about marketing or SEO or white hat/black hat...
  3. Oldelf

    Hello from New Delhi :)

    Greetings ! I always wanted to join BHW but I was busy working full time for a client from last 5 years. And from last two months when I was looking for a new job, I realized that I need to heal up my skills and surround myself with people who get me energized. And that was only possible if I...
  4. 1


    Hello everyone! After i wrote the answer for the Billy Batt’s contest I realized how much BHW helped me to get where I am now. All the knowledge, the motivation and the support here is PRICELESS. I can’t express how much i’m grateful to anyone that answered to me or helped me in any way. I’m...
  5. kasumi009

    I bought my very first laptop desk. Thank you BHW.

    Not anything fancy but much more comfortable than putting a 1-2 kg on your knees for hours. 80 percent of my knowledge and experience came from this awesome community so i wanna say thanks to everyone who took time from their precious life to post methods, respond to my questions or help me in...
  6. L

    Thankyou for your inspirations (make 2.5K because of BHW)!

    I think it's time today to say thank you. THANK YOU BHW!! I got a lot of inspiration for my own methods here. Here is a screenshot with my income from Peerfly. I am also registered with other CPA networks. All in all I earned 2.5K. Everybody can make money here, you...
  7. beastkay

    Thank you so much BHW for $4.5K

    I just wanted to thank this community and going to do something for the community soon! Attached screenshot in the starting only because people will think that I'm faking it or trying to do clickbait but no I'm not at all doing that thing also not doing any fishing over here. Just wanted to...
  8. CMG

    Yet another Thank You BHW thread

    Hi, guys. Although I joined BHW last year, I never properly introduced myself or said anything really. I've been in this world of MMO for 3 years, and although I have been procrastinating quite a lot, I can say I earned some money here and there... Now, thanks to BHW, I got my very first CPA...
  9. D

    Cpa + Instagram

    Hello bhw ! I need your help i have started instagram account which is I'm promoting my cpa offers. Can anyone please tell me about how to promote my cpa link in my bio because it usually bans your account if you put cpa link on yourt bio. Thanks
  10. hongbii khaw

    Hello Everyone ~

    Hi All, Good day and nice to meet you all. I'm Hongbii, a software developer. I learn a lot of things here and thanks to everyone who shares their great information/experience. Thank you very much. Hongbii
  11. cgt web

    A huge thank you!

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone on this amazing forum. The information shared here is truly amazing along with the support and friendship of all members and most importantly the wonderful people who manage this site and keep it safe from people trying to do us harm. I have...
  12. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Thank You BHW Section

    How about a section for "thank you BHW" threads? Threads like this: The thread doesn't really contain any money making information. That way people can say thanks but it isn't taking space in...
  13. Zisker Hosting

    What company should I use my server for?

    I have a very powerful rack server and I am interested in sending it to a colocation and using it to start a new business. I am looking for good business ideas. I would like to spend under $3k on getting it up and running and i also have lots of time on my hand. Please let me know on any good...
  14. Schindler

    Im loving this new dashboard! Thank you BlackHatWorld team!

    On the very first day I got really annoyed with the upgrade and felt miserable working on the new dashboard but with the passage of time I started enjoying the new look and format. There are a lot of new features and the most amazing feature is thay I get an email when someone posts on my BST...
  15. W

    Thank you guys very much!

    Im sorry if this is in the wrong section. I just had to give my thanks to blackhatworld i finally started to get sales on my website i got it to the first page of google for the search term doing the work myself from implementing tips from users suggestions around the forum. I just have to say...
  16. K

    Got My First Client!

    Hey there everyone, I just wanted to post here so I can thank all of you who have helped me with starting up my own offline business! For other newbies out there, all I did to land this client was reply to nearly a dozen Kijiji / Craigslist ads looking for Web Design / SEO. I landed this...
  17. shoutout

    Meet me :)

    Hello everybody, Its not long time since i have been a member here! 4 months in total? correct me if i am wrong. To be honest i didn't plan to be active member, when i registered my account i came for help, (check my first thread) But i found my self day by day visiting the forum like its a...
  18. YoutubeMarketing

    My birthday today!

    Hey everyone! I know many of you haven't really seen me around BHW as I'm more of a silent reader, I know I probably haven't interacted as much as I should have. I am 24 today! For the past few months I have read around a lot of posts and threads to find something right for me. I have tried...
  19. O

    Thank you to BHW and all the people who shared on here

    I want to thank to BHW and all the people here. I have been reading on here since 2010, although the reason I'm still newbie is because I haven't post much here. Forgive me I was so shy. I started from 0 knowledge to learn so much more now. From no confidence with any of my skill to...
  20. aldragon

    Just a little favor

    Either go to Big g00gle or to y0utube search for [ posicionamiento total ] if you find the video done with y0utube seach stories check it out, leave a comment and leave your opinion here, ill hit the big thanks button for you. :D
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