text verification

  1. J

    [No VOIP] JuicySMS.com SMS Verification! Real Numbers. # CHEAP # API # AUTOMATIC #

    JuicySMS.com - Verify your online accounts now! #Introduction Temporary Dutch and UK numbers for a cheap price. With these numbers you can SMS verify various online services. If the service you need a SMS for supports Dutch/Netherlands or United Kingdom numbers, we got you sorted! Our system...
  2. sayan162

    USA numbers from real sim only 0.50$ | Codesverify.com | 1$ free bonus

    About CodesVerify.com Codesverify is a project aimed at improving service of customers who are interested in multiple or single activation of social networks’ accounts, payment systems, microblogs, and many other online services that require confirmation of a registration by a mobile phone...
  3. A

    Non-VoIP US Voice/Text/SMS Verifications | Only $0.50 | Huge Inventory | textverified.com

    Whether you need one verification or thousands of verifications, we can help you with instant verifications starting at just $0.50. www.textverified.com is a non-VoIP US phone verification service that has helped users complete millions of verifications. All of our numbers come directly from...
  4. winchesterpic

    Help! SMS Verification

    (If this is posted in the wrong section, please move it) Hello everyone, I'm struggling with Instagram SMS verification. I know there are tons of websites where you can receive SMS for free, or virtual mobile number services like pinger, but unfortunately they all don't work anymore. Do you...
  5. T

    How to Bypass Facebook phone verification thru Text

    Help me guys.. i want to create facebook dummy account.. but its asking a phone number for text verification...