text messages

  1. U

    Need some software setting up a SMS campaign

    I'm in need of a software that can clean up phone numbers that I already sent a message to so that I'm not spamming people. I constantly get new phone numbers but occasionally I have repeat inquiries. I tried to illustrate an example of what I'm talking about in the photo below. Any ideas are...
  2. N

    starting a website is hard when you dont know anything

    I wanna do a website that is text message nude pictures! Heres my thought! for a monthly fee you will get (x) amount of nude pictures from me via text. Do yall think this would work? Kinda like a real girl in her life and she makes time in her day to chat and text you pictures! I have no one to...
  3. M

    Can you automate and spin Texts ?

    I am sending 100,000 text messages in a day currently but I want to find a way to spin the content of these text messages to make them unique and automate this process. Is this possible and can anyone help with this please ? Many Thanks.
  4. V

    Increase the percentage of SMS delivery to recipients (SMS bulk)

    Hello Everyone. I am sending a mass SMS (sms bulk). One man asked me: ?Do you ever ran into blocks with messages, that they aren't delivered?? I answered him: ?Yes, that's possible, sms can be sent, but the recipient's mobile operator can block it. If i send the same text in the message to a...
  5. socialmediaking

    [Guide] Text Message Marketing For Dummies

    For my 100th post, I am working on a guide for people new to Text Message / SMS marketing field. I have the basic outline done already which I am going to post in this space, but I still need to know what people want to know and what you are having trouble with. Please ask my any questions you...
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