text mesaging

  1. bbaird4444

    10 Million SMS/Texts to Texas - Need help!

    Need to send ten million SMS/Text Messages to Texas numbers. How do I get this done?
  2. T

    100+ mobile numbers: What cpa offers convert best for sms offers (text message marketing)

    I have a large database of opt-in numbers and the gateway to send. I am looking for a good cpa company. One that will release payment and is easy on the shaving that accepts sms marketing. looking for the best offers that convert well. Would be open to some jv work as well. skype: teamrahman
  3. T

    (get)100+ million mobile numbers list + gateway =great cpa campaigns

    I Have a database of over 100+ Million Mobile Numbers. This database if Opt-In numbers and each number we provide will show how the user opted-in. We have numbers for US, CA, UK or Any Country We provide the gateways to send any daily amount requested. We Rotate delivery numbers and keep each...
  4. H

    Send SMS Texts Free Online

    Found this cool site - allows you to send a text to various locations around the world from your computer. http://www.gizmosms.com/
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