1. D

    Can fake testimonials get you in illegal trouble?

    Can fake testimonials or using certain brand logos on your website get you in illegal trouble in the long run? Like fines and such? I am creating an agency and need some fake testimonials as I have only worked for two companies, I also wanted to use some generic brands as work proof. Can this...
  2. D

    Looking for Fake Testimonials/Social Proof Services

    Hello everyone. I am in the process of launching a digital marketing agency. I have been working for two companies and was able to acquire many marketing skills but I barely have any social proof to use and very few testimonials (3-4). Are there any services I can use to acquire social proof I...
  3. achrafinho

    Videos Testimonials needed - $15!

    I need a few video testimonials for my sales letter I will be paying $15 for a video testimonial Payment will be done by PayPal If you are interested to send me a PM with descriptions of yourself like, gender, age, country and must be in English ( i can accept testimonials in Spanish ) so if...
  4. crystalwiz

    Are your business testimonials fake?

    Hey guys, What do you think about fake testimonials? Can you get sued for it? Does it matter whether you use fake testimonials even when your product is top-notch in the market and over-delivers what it promise.
  5. thundercoffee

    Interpreting this Terms & Conditions statement

    I am going over the terms and conditions for a product I am thinking about selling. The statement basically says, 'Affiliates cannot use XXXX photos or user testimonials in their promotions.' The XXXX photos can be found in the banner section within the affiliate tools page. The testimonials...
  6. A

    Small Business Owners Who Shoot Phone Video Testimonial

    Looking for video testimonials for my marketing company. Do you have a small business and can spare 90 seconds of your time to sing my praises infront of your cellphone camera to send the video to me, for $50? >> PM Me, I can't reply on this thread or initiate PM's because I'm new to the...
  7. zneve08

    Need Video Testimonials

    Haven't needed ones in a while but just found out they're banned from fiverr (where I used to get them?) Does anyone on BHW do product video testimonials?
  8. Scott-NYC

    How to Make a Sales Page that Converts

    So you have a product to sell online? Maybe you wrote an ebook, or you are promoting a CPA product, or perhaps an affiliate item. Whatever it is that you wish to sell online, there is one thing that remains constant… you must have a sales page that converts (sells). This is the most critical...
  9. Coconut-water

    This should be easy to do, right?

    Got a bunch of fake testimonials on site.. praising my products. The testimonials mention specific cities,states, countries around the world. Fire up VPN... start hitting my website from all these different locations so google analytics grabs the sessions of a typical user all the way to...
  10. C

    Where to Post Video Testimonials Besides Website

    Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated.
  11. A

    How to Convert FB testimonials to Sales?

    Hi, Just want to know if you have some ideas on converting Facebook page testimonials into sales? Thank you.
  12. A

    Using Japanese Girls for video marketing content ?

    I am based in Osaka, Japan with equipment for filming and photography both professional and amateur style and thinking about using sexy Japanese girls in videos to make testimonials, presentations, fan signs and stuff like that. Has anyone else had success or any ideas for driving traffic from...
  13. O

    It is possible to add link in testimonial in WordPress ?.

    Hi guys!! I am designing my new website on WordPress and I am trying to add testimonial in my websites but every time i am getting a problem because i am trying to add link with testimonial and I just want to know you that it is possible to add link with testimonial in WordPress. If yes, then...
  14. T

    How can i sScale-Up and Promote my Fiverr business?

    Note: err i cant change my mispell...lame Joined Fiverr: October 27th, 2012 Background: I've done decent on fiverr this past 2 weeks. My current total revenue is $228 and im not a level 1 seller yet. I do mainly video testimonials for people/businesses. Sales Per Day: 1 - 4+ Question? So now...
  15. C

    *** Need Testimonials - iAutoblog Setup Service

    Hi people. Need testimonials for a iAutoblog service i'm setting up. Giving them to anyone that is Jr. VIP and above. Only taking 5 people. Be in quick. They will be 10 Blogs set up and running. Flick me a private message and i will send you a link or details i need from you to get them set...