1. M

    Need Video Testimonial For Brand

    Hi guys, I need a video testimonial (about 30 seconds) for my advertising agency. These are real reviews but the brands are a bit camera shy in terms of recording the video. Would give you a script and would just need a video recorded and I'd upload to my website. Can offer competitive...
  2. A

    Need video testimonial

    Hello, I need someone to record a video testimonial for my business. You have to be a good talker and actor (preferably native speakers)
  3. A

    Need video testimonials made

    NEED people who are good at talking and acting to make video testimonial praising a business. It is simple and easy (preferably native speakers) thanks
  4. A

    Need Video Testimonial made

    Need someone to make a video testimonial for a business. Someone who is a good talker, fluent in English and can act well. It needs to be natural and not feel scripted. If you can do that message me ASAP
  5. A

    Need video testimonials made

    Hello, I need people to make video testimonials for my business, praising and recommending it. If you are good at talking in a natural manner and acting well then PM me
  6. A

    Video Testimonial for business needed

    Need some people to record videos of themselves praising a business and recommending it. Should be able to articulate themselves in a smooth and clean manner (not like reading a script) If you think you can do this DM me
  7. achrafinho

    Videos Testimonials needed - $15!

    I need a few video testimonials for my sales letter I will be paying $15 for a video testimonial Payment will be done by PayPal If you are interested to send me a PM with descriptions of yourself like, gender, age, country and must be in English ( i can accept testimonials in Spanish ) so if...
  8. El_Pedro_Blanco

    The mistakes I made with PowerLikes so you won't make it

    Recently, I've been reading a lot about Powerlikes and providers, notably on BHW . To be honest with you guys, I have a limited experience with PowerLikes and that was not very good one. But I want to share with you the two mistakes I made because I think it could be useful for some of us...
  9. acidol2

    List of GOOD Fiver Gigs For Video Testimonials! :D

    Whether you're using YouTube and clickbank, PPD, ebay, etc, it's always good to have someone infront of the camera for your video. So I took about 2 hours out of my day looking at nearly all the Video Testimonial gigs, and sorting through them. The list I made DOES NOT have - Horrible people...
  10. J

    Need Reviewers For Upcoming Product Launch

    I'm looking for a few people to review my ebook that I plan to launch in a few weeks. I will be using your testimonial for my sales page so if you are not okay with this please move on to a new thread. This eBook is for beginners on how to make money online. Yeah, I know there are a ton of those...
  11. mystery

    Needed: Short Video Appearances From Photogenic Members

    Hello everyone, We are looking for a few photogenic (good for the cam) members (2 guys and three girls at the moment) who can do very short (10-20 secs) video appearances (they will be asking specific questions about a topic), and get paid per video. Videos would be done at your place...
  12. xenoz

    IM Report Card, Can anyone vouch?

    Sup BH'ers Can anyone vouch for, or has been paid by mmm.imreportcard.c0m ? Thanks
  13. S

    Buy video testimonials???

    Somebody must have thought about this yet, did you came a across a site that connects phony buyers with cams and aspiring 'lasertargeted' wannabe bhatters ???
  14. blackma

    New FTC Regulations -What you need to know!

    Comply!! Video i was going to post was removed. Well this is embarrassing! :o
  15. L

    Membership Site Start-up Help - Need Testimonials

    Hello BHW... I'm new here, but have been reading for about 3 months. Good stuff. In 2007, I had a bankruptcy and foreclosure and lost my brick and mortar business. I then got into internet marketing and am making about 200K in sales doing various different things including adsense, info...
  16. C

    Video Testimonial Scam?

    Recently, I cam across this video on the forum. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSPa00kFtuk Anybody else figure it could have been motion tracked and edited? Notice he was able to blank out the certain numbers in his account. Who's not to say he didn't edit other things to. Personally, I...
  17. S

    Testimonial Videos Needed $25 for 1 to 2 min videos.

    I need 8 testimonial videos from 8 different people for a new product I am launching. The videos are only 1 to 2 mins long, and I will write the script for you. There is a possibility of future videos being done. This is a quick $25 for 1 to 2 mins of work. I can pay you via pay pal...
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