1. D

    What do testers expect from testing courses?

    I am a newbie in the testing industry. I have attended several testing courses in HaNoi, Bangkok and Singapore. I draw some experience in choosing a testing training center based on my own desires. So what do testers want from the testing course? 1. Basic knowledge: - An overview of testing...
  2. S

    Camelog Ad tester, does anyone know how they manage to get such good results?

    Hi All, I am a media buyer and worked with a lot of ad testers in the last couple of years. i came across few months with a new tool called Camelog.com which have very good results in terms of accuracy and speed. I wanted to know if anybody knows what is the difference between them and other...
  3. A.men

    Ever tested? Gr8 expired domains but spammed onsite

    hey guys. so i've trying some footprints like {brand-name} -site:affiliate-brand-name.com and finding some cool domains with 25/100+ root domains and an average 20+ TF for a buck. now when these domains are all clean - it's all good right? but... sometimes i find some domains that are really...
  4. D

    [Looking for Tester] MD5 Hashchanger Tool for Win and Mac

    Hello there, I just wrote a little tool to change the md5 hash of a file. This is needed to foolthe duplicate content detection of many sites. There are already tools like this, but no one for Mac. So I decided to write my own. It's written in Python, using Tkinter as GUI and Py2App...
  5. tecko22

    Need someone to test a game I made

    Hi there, I'm a new mobile developer and I need someone to test an app for me and give me some suggestions. It's a game and I need tips on how to make it more fun and more addictive. My goal is to make it a freemium game. All testing will be done on your computer in your browser. No need to...
  6. S

    Guaranteed 100$ - Testing a new system to make money on social media - SocialDoe.com

    If you have a Facebook FanPage with a minimum of 100,000 fans, sign up for testing a new system to make money on social media. For each tester guaranteed 100$ If you want to know more, feel free to contact with me For more information about the system: Socialdoe
  7. P

    Anyone wnat Test your desktop and web application ..

    please delete this thread .Thanks
  8. E

    Testors for New Affiliate Program

    I've just about completed the coding of a new site to handle the affiliate marketing side of some dating sites (1 to start) I'm launching. I'd like to get some testers to bang on it, and if you're interested in being an affiliate that's OK too. If anyone has any code questions, or otherwise...
  9. caretaker2007

    Beta tester needed, must run Mac

    I need a beta tester to test a couple apps in .NET. oldenstylehats has pointed this out to me http://www.mono-project.com/ and I would like some Mac user input.
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