1. Cyw1z

    All In One Subscription [Access to our massive library of WordPress Themes & Plugins, Templates and All the Tools you need!]

    You'll get access to a wide range of tools and services, including WordPress themes and plugins, Templates and more. Here are some of the things you will get: Access to almost all wordpress themes and plugins listed on themeforest. Tools like Semrush, Grammarly ,Quillbot ,Canva and many...
  2. Cedis

    Popular Sites Template

    So I came across these popular sites which are; - Space - TechRadar - TomsGuide - Tomshardware And one thing I notice is that they are almost identical. So from my curiosity, I want to know what type of theme these sites use. If the theme templates can be used on WordPress, and where one can...
  3. mo006

    Bypass Envato Elements CAPTCHA and get ACTUAL unlimited downloads.

    Envato promises you ‘unlimited downloads’ for a price of $30/month, your eyes sparkle with excitement as you think about all the ways you will make money by re-posting those items in various platforms, but as soon as you start downloading, you get slow CAPTCHAs and warning messages telling you...
  4. T

    Email Scripts

    Hi I'm looking for email and funnels scripts to download like templates and formulas, to help me write my own emails do you know any good source with tons of them? Thanks
  5. Game of Squid


    not only you get inspired but you can even export the designs that you find to .SVG format, then you can import them to any software. this website has a ton of free power point, google slide templates you can download or get inspired from. https://slidesgo.com/ https://slidechef.net/
  6. Elker

    CANVA Bundle Social Media Pack - Get Items worth $571+ for only $29 - 2100+ social media templates!

  7. Boriss

    Is KDP Tangent Templates any good? worth it?

    Hello, Is KDP Tangent Templates any good? worth buying it? URL: https://templates.tangent.rocks/ It's for one of my friends, who is working on KDP. Maybe you guys can suggest another software, bot, course, etc for him. Thank you,
  8. Jkwest79

    Audit Template

    I was wondering what kind of templates people use for audits and final reports or if people just all did their own thing. Any links to templates? Thanks for the info!
  9. Matzedoon

    Is there a tool to create thousands of static html templates at once?

    Hi all, is there a tool that can create thousands of static html templates at once. Example like I fill in this is the logo, these are static offers, and grab one article from folder x to place it above footer and hit export and done... thousands of variations in static html files created?
  10. Rankie

    [GIVEAWAY] Free Digital Assets on Envato Elements including Wp themes, plugins, graphics, videos..

    I'm giving away free items on Envato Elements with up 1,800,000+ assets. Just go to https://elements.envato.com/ then pick the item you need, then send me the link, I will download and send to you.
  11. aioMarket

    ALL IN ONE REPOSITORY : Download UNLIMITED premium themes,plugins & graphics

    aioMarket.net If you are looking for a coupon code reply on thread we will be happy to give you a good reduction Join today and download unlimited premium Items
  12. lulolulito

    Can someone share RankerX templates here?

    I am looking for new Premium templates for RankerX, please share here Thanx
  13. KJREDDY247@


    http://www.mediafire.com/file/w56ch2t6thg8cec/GraphicriverAssets.rar : Scan Locally :
  14. Roger Marquez

    [ELEMENTOR] Single Blog Post Template

    Can anyone share a single blog post template for elementor? Or any single blog post template you might of build? Parfticulary intrested in something similar to this... Cheers!
  15. KJREDDY247@

    Help: Revolution Slider Templates

    I am trying to use free templates on revolution slider every template is having some icon like the camera in this slide, I am unable to find where can I remove or replace this section can someone who is using Revolution slider please help me in this. Thanks
  16. D

    Template Monster Offering Free Templates Today

    Template Monster are giving away some templates for free today. https://www.templatemonster.com/free-templates.php?utm_source=push&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=com
  17. SystemOp

    Shopify free vs Paid themes, how much difference in conversions?

    I've noticed that the free shopify themes such as "supplier" can look pretty decent if you have a good logo, banner design and tweak the colors. They are simple enough and for niche/small stores that simplicity is needed to focus the customer solely on the products and clicking on the cart etc...
  18. worldytraveler4

    Building SEO/Likes Site, Best Template Wordpress?

    Hello, wondering if you guys have any suggestions. I'm building a simple SEO keyword services site as well as a sending likes shop. I'm looking for an outstanding wordpress template to use (hopefully free). https://wordpress.org/themes/simple-shop/ I found this one. If you have any ideas...
  19. Pro1

    [GET] SparkolPack 4100+ SVG files *REup* *live link*

    Sparkol AIO pack free DL This pack contains 4100+ images with transparent background. It's the whole sparkolpack collection repacked in one rar. i noticed there was another thread but it is outdated with no working links. I found this pack elsewhere, and saw some people asking for it and...
  20. alexel

    One Product Website Templates

    I've been looking for website templates in either bootstrap or wordpress for a one product retail website's. Here are example sites I'm looking for: mans-hair.com biomanix.com tryextagen.com maleextra.com So thats what I'm looking for but I can't find anything similar!
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