1. Snqke

    Wordpress Theme or PHP Script Suggestion For Gifs?

    Hello guys, any one can suggest for me a theme name wordpress or php script to share gif like redgifs.com etc.... Thanks
  2. The Heisenberg

    ⭐⭐⭐ Life OS: All-in-One Notion Template ✅ Only $9.99 ✅ Make Your Life More Better

    Introducing the brand new Life OS Notion template: the ultimate all-in-one template for every aspect of your life! With 25+ interconnected templates included and a live and dynamic homepage dashboard that ties it all together – this is the only template you’ll need to centralize everything in...
  3. T

    Free Blanter Landing Premium Blogger Template Cpabuuild

    Free Blanter Landing Premium Blogger Template Cpabuuild bit.ly/3N90nYq
  4. L


    What is the solution for faster proposals For website management clients
  5. amine0404

    Templates shopify for christmas

    Hello BHW friends i need some help pls. I search for a christmas theme for my shopify store any suggestion ? :)
  6. Dark Hat 007

    WordPress Speed Report Template

    (I hope this is the right section, and my question is not against BHW rules) After having my Fiverr account for over four months, I finally got my first gig. My job is to optimize a site's speed, I know how to do the technical part of this, but I have no idea how to present a report. So, my...
  7. sscaz


    Hey guys, I plan to drop even more freebies in the future but for now, this is my first one! Clicking on the link will redirect you to the Canva website where you can edit those 25 posts, add your logo, change text color, font, etc...
  8. snowmanstudio

    Suggest Me A Theme for Wallpaper Website

    I want to make a wallpaper downloading website... But didn't find any wallpaper theme... - wordpress/ Next Js / PHP
  9. R

    Looking for prebuilt theme for WordPress

    Hey all I am looking for the prebuilt theme called "Renovation" it's by ThemeMove. If anyone has it, can you please share the installation file? And if anyone know any similar template like this one for free please share the link, I'd be really thankful.
  10. DrArchive

    [Templates for Email Marketing And Tips to Use]

    Hello again! First of all sorry, here you will not find templates for Email Marketing, or at least not directly in what I will write. But wait, don't go, finish reading. It turns out that I have access to a good amount of mail. I can send you information that will not fall into spam, and I...
  11. jongmr

    cloning a cpa landing page

    I downloaded a cpa landing page using httrack. Now I want to convert it to Wordpress and add my custom locker to it. There are some methods on youtube about converting an html page to Wordpress, but I want to know how you do it (your method might be faster). What is your process of converting...
  12. mimonirbd

    How to make website like seachengineeringjobs.com

    I see that there have a lot of website uses the same script/template for their website. Some of website list: seachengineeringjobs.com bestappsfinder.com https://skills-ware.com/ how-use-excel.com ukposts.net I see these website run on Laravel. I want to make website like those site. Which...
  13. rockshuvo

    [Need] Single Blog Post Template For Elementor

    Hi i need single blog post design like (Check The Attachment) . Can i download it from anywhere ? If anyone have .JSON file would you like to share with me ? Thanks in advance.
  14. Nw_Work

    Looking for envato template kit

    If you can please share with me a link to download for property development or real estate envato template kit. Was looking at these...
  15. Md Masudul Hasan

    Which blogger template is very much good for adsense?

    Hello Bloggers Have a wonderful day all. Hope you are all well. I am doing blogging for the last few months. I am trying to make some adsense withdrawn. My blog have adsense connectivity. But no body clicks on the adsense ads. So I am thinking that is may be template trouble. For template...
  16. R1ckS4nch3z

    I need a webdesign template similar to what zalando does

    It can be made by any eCommerce CMS build with Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, or even WC or OpenCart. Does anyone know anything similar?
  17. Melanasut

    Wordpress template

    Hi! Does anyone have or know where a free landing page wordpress template is located? Thank you <3
  18. ristoriel

    Onarcade/Avarcade template

    I need Onarcade or Avarcade templates, which price is <20$. Does anyone have? Please PM me demo or screenshots.
  19. P

    Looking for ScrapeBox - Contact Form Poster Templates

    Hello Community, I'm looking for ScraeBox Contact Form Poster platform templates for the most commonly used contact form's on the web. Mainly looking to target wordpress, wix, squarespace, godaddy and any other common contact form modules etc. If anyone has a library of platform templates...
  20. L

    Need suggestion about facebook ad

    I need suggestions about facebook ad I am working fro a local company here for them I am advertising website service in facebook ad for local people can some one please help me in this
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