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  1. Starblazer

    Two Indians plead guilty in $8 million robocall scam targeting Americans

    Shehzadkhan Pathan (39) and his call center employees in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad placed automated robocalls to victims in the United States. They tricked victims to send bulk cash through physical shipments and electronic money transfers. They've used a variety of schemes to convince victims to...
  2. Genuine Data

    Worldwide Active Smartphone Users Mobile Number Database

    Worldwide Active Mobile Number Database There has been steady revolution in the digital marketing space this past few years. Internet marketers are always on the lookout for the trending strategies that coverts well in order to bank as soon as possible. This has made many internet marketers...
  3. Help Desk


    Sorry to post in this group, but I want to know which app is good to call in the USA. The only this I need is I want to record that call and a different number each time. I have to call with a different number each time. Please help.
  4. Dr.Manhattan

    Getting Telemarketing Leads w lead gen site

    Hi folks, I recently started a job at a telemarketing center, they sell ad space in high school level sports booklet programs( the kind for tournaments, regionals, playoffs etc). it's only been a week they have us cold calling, for the most part, I imagine its just newbie treatment. I was...
  5. M

    Telegram bot

    I'm here today looking for investor to help me with my project. You will find some little details here for more info bid so we talk about it. More info could be provide in private. Already done : 1) user scrapper from others groups or channels 2) active user scrapper from others groups or...
  6. J

    Affiliate Programs that accepts "Tele Surveys"

    Hey guys, Do you know any Affiliate Programs (especially Surveys) that allows Tele-traffic? I can can transfer 200-300 verified valid leads. I will not enter the leads individually as they must come from generic IP's. So instead of that i will ask the questions in the survey to the customers...