teespring campaign

  1. I

    Print on demand still works??

    Hey bhw community I learned a lot here, and I thank you for that. Today, I want to ask the people of experience. I want to start print on demand business. Is this field still profitable? Can u give some advices how to start and Wich tools and websites should I use I am sure many people will...
  2. J

    Tee Spring Site

    Hi. I am looking to have a tee spring page/site set up. I would need a logo and banner to match the site. I can give all of the details if this is something you can do. Thanks so much
  3. B

    What is the experts opinion about [teesprig+facebook ads]?

    some professional advice please
  4. L

    Are instagrams links in bio still a thing?

    So, I am selling tees through Teespring but havent had any luck with fb ads so far So I tried the method following this video I contacted a 45kfollowers page related to the niche of my shirt(cats) and got it to make a post on their page and add a link in their bio for 24hr The post on insta has...
  5. S

    What link click bid cap I should keep for my audience?

    Hi All, I need help in setting FB ad. I am very new to FB marketing and teespring. I am trying to target people from Indian Origin (NRI) who live in US AND like Cricket. That makes 660K audience size For testing: My campaign objective is website traffic. What should be my lowest daily budget for...
  6. JustHicham

    What is best place to promote t-shirts

    guys from your experience what is the best place to promote t shirts with teespring... i tested facebook doesn't work with me well
  7. Pixel Groot

    How to get free traffic on Teespring Campaign

    I am New in Teespring, i just Launched a Storefront on Teespring by my some design, But Don,t get any sell, What can you do Right Now, Please any help me by some value added Tricks and Tips! I tried to paid marketing on USA by facebook, But Don't Work ! :( :( Please Help Me By your...
  8. bagrov

    Teespring Alternatives (Shipping $)

    Hi there! I just sold 45 tees on Teespring. Since I have my audience all across the globe I had to create 2 different campaigns because Teespring has crazy shipping price for Europe and Asia if I set US as a distribution center and vice versa if I set the campaign for Europe. Also, I checked...
  9. Wiidoux

    does ads for football t-shirt / hoodies allowed on fb ads ??

    Hi I read somewhere that the football clothes niche is banned now from fb ads !! this is true ???
  10. maryseowinston

    Inspired by this forum, My 1st IM journey.

    Hi fellow Blackhaters, It has been a few weeks since I joined this forum, I have read many of your posts related to your journey, guides & methods. So I decided to implement something in real time. My first try was with Teespring & Facebook groups. I had read a guide from Inception_AC regarding...
  11. Jetsetskyking

    Promoting a teespring campaign, 60% of every generated sale.

    I have a shirt that i know can sell well, that is targeted towards female coffee drinkers. I'm looking for people to help me generate sales, and in return they get 60% of all profits they generate. I don't have any requirements as far as who is eligible, but sales must follow through. If you are...
  12. Jetsetskyking

    Looking for Teespring Promotion.

    I have a shirt that I am selling with 5 days left, I have sold 1 already, but the problem is i can't advertise this like it should be, so i'm looking for people to help me promote this shirt, it is a profit sharing opportunity, where i give you 50% of every sale you generate, and if you bring in...
  13. Jetsetskyking

    Starting My Own Teespring Affiliate Program?

    I thought about having affiliates promote my shirts for me in exchange for commission, but i don't know where i could find people to do that? any suggestions?
  14. Jetsetskyking

    Promoting a teespring campaign, and I need help.

    Does anyone know any low cost means of promoting a shirt? it's about coffee, and i have been promoting it to females 21-45 on facebook. and coffee fans in many other places, but its not working. I already put money in to promotion, but i'm not doing it right.