1. F

    If you were a broke teen with only 150$ to your name what would you "invest" them on?

    Hey Guys, I'm not sure this is the right place to post this. If you guys were a broke teen trying to invest on the internet how would you spend your last 150$? I was thinking about spending the money on FollowLiker and trying to grow niches profiles then sell something. I read a lot of...
  2. nua

    Introducing Myself

    Just thought I'd introduce myself, complete NOOB here, getting into computers, in my last year of school and here to try make some money for UNI. If anyone had any tips or advice please share, happy to be a part of this community, hope you all have a great day!!!
  3. Cheat

    17 Year Old's Journey To $XXX A Day Through Instagram!

    Hello BHW! :) I have been a long time lurker but have finally decided to post my own journey. Now I have already started this journey over a week ago so I could get all of the boring stuff out of the way and see if this method was really something I could commit to. I didn't want to write a...
  4. kilan

    Hiring US Accents [Age 13-17 ] [Android/PC] [Male/Female] [$20]

    Those with Native US accents are being asked to work with voice recognition technology in a bid to help its mobile phones and tablets decipher the accent by Appen Ltd I am currently recruiting for US English TEEN Speech Collection project, and seek participants with US accents who want to work...
  5. Dascsa01

    How can I make money as a teen?

    Hello. I am 16 years old and I want to make money online, anyone can help me? please,don't ask that i am too young to make money, i need and that's why i do. Thanks
  6. AndroidMarket

    How to make Money as a 16 Year Old Teen

    Hi im pretty new in this Forum and i wanna ASK how can i make some money online because16 years old i dont have paypal so pls help me ty
  7. W

    How to monetize teen traffic?

    I have about 100+ teens coming to my website from a social network everyday. I am currently using Adsense and CPAlead, both of which have failed to bring in any dollar value for the past 10+ days. Its a picture/meme type of a site with very less words. Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  8. R

    is there anything better than fiverr - fiverr is a scam

    hi, I just started selling on fiverr and a person placed an order on dec 25 and I gave him what he wanted he seemed happy, then on dec 29 I looked and saw he canceled his order and i didnt get the money. When my order was deliveryed to him it was marked completed and had a clearance of about 12...
  9. M

    How should a teenager start out?

    I'm 17 and I joined BHW around 5 months ago but couldn't get myself to do anything because of the information overload that I felt. Drove me mad for a bit and despair fell upon me after seeing so much info all in one go. But now I really want to start properly but don't know how. Most of what...
  10. M

    Teen Related Items Distributor

    Looking for teenage related items (clothing, hobbies, new trends, etc)
  11. TheMasterOfMoney

    Another Success Story in this Awesome Forum!

    Hello BHW Members! First to all, thank you so much to BHW and everybody who writes in this forum. I want to tell a little about my history of success. I am Brian, 16 years old, and after 2 years of try methods and reading a lot (I had an old account here and it got deleted and I opened...
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