How to make Money as a 16 Year Old Teen


Jun 8, 2015
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Hi im pretty new in this Forum and i wanna ASK how can i make some money online because16 years old i dont have paypal so pls help me ty
save money, no matter what you want to do, you will need money. if you want to get popular in social media you need to post high quality content in your niche, and use safe bots to increase your popularity, same with websites, you need money for your domain/hosting, and other services costs a bit more. If you like gaming, and if you have good sense of humor and a last generation computer, do what other people do at your age, create gaming channel...
Your best bet is to build something social media based. Your young enough the instant income isn't as important as the long term results. As stated above just start an IG account or YouTube channel
Age does not matter online, some kid was like 11 making over $100 a day a few years ago from youtube.

Read and learn then take action.

Good luck, the ball is in your court.
School should be your main concern at this point.

IM isn't going to get you anywhere if you can't completely dedicate yourself to it, so wait until it's time to do so.

Then, and only then, will you be able to get a blowjob on your yacht.
Volunteer at places, make yourself known. Connections with people can play a massive part in jobs. I started at 12, volunteering as a videographer and a web designer, meeting people in the field. Maybe spend less time fapping and more time learning about coding, business, and maybe even start college early like I did if you find yourself with too much free time.
Develop a skill. For me it was graphic design, and audio engineering and I made money off then both around your age. I even got to design one of the high school senior shirts back then and got paid for it. Before I had those skills developed I would do yard work and sell chips and candy at school, which was prohibited, but I didn't care. Also read up on Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad. Not everyone agrees with his view on money but I do. I'd rather make money developing my own business than spend years going to college for a field that doesn't interest me. But that's me though... I majored in I.T. And didn't realize I didn't really want to do it until I was about to graduate. Figure out what you want to do now, get your feet wet and go for it. Whoa that was long. Gotta work on shortening sentences.
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