1. homeriscool

    80% Unique Articles in Same Niche. Will They Index & Rank?

    Hey all, I have a bunch of articles with 80% unquiness. They all read really well, but will they index & rank on Google or am I wasting my time?
  2. A

    Need some feedback on idea using The Best Spinner

    I am thinking to purchase TBS to manually spin some PLR articles i have by following Matthew articles spinning method on my money site content (will create a totally new one, so risk banned by Google is bearable). Following i will only build 1st tier link using TBS and scrapebox only. How do you...
  3. PeterPerseo

    Is WORDAI good for spin other languages (spanish/italian)?

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a spinner tool that i can use also for non-english languages (above all spanish and italian). I already own The Best Spinner, but even if in their website the state TBS is good for many languages, actually it's pretty good ONLY for english. I tried to spin some...
  4. T

    How To Get Unique Articles From Article Builders

    Hey Guys, I am trying to get different articles from Article Builder, but every time i get article, it shows some duplicate content. Can anyone suggest how to get unique and readable articles from Article Builder. Also with TBS how can i spin together 20 different article on same topic to get...
  5. D

    Help with using the best spinner (TBS)

    I'm new to using the best spinner and I'm doing it manually for readability, however, even though the spin versions look different to me, they don't show as unique in TBS. Here's an example of what I'm doing, and think that it looks fairly different, but TBS shows this example as 0% unique...
  6. aiteampl

    TBS - do you post that spun crap with AMR?

    ok if you will spun an article - its not ever readable - its just a piece of sh*t. esp with 80%-90% of uniqueness do you post that crap with amr? or you making sure that the article is readable - but the uniqueness of such an article is less that 40% or you the adding some paragraph spins...
  7. T

    spin the Article to death with TBS

    How to spin the Article to death with TBS and add spintax between paragraphs.
  8. M

    Backlinks and Article Spinners

    Hey guys, I recently started using TBS, but it's a bit hard to get the hang of. Does anyone know of any more user-friendly programs? Same for a Backlinker booster. Thanks in advance
  9. I

    What Should I Buy, TBS or SCRAPEBOX

    I am going to take some money off my wage and buy a BH tool today. Basically I have a blog which I used to post manually on but lately I switched it to autoblog using wp-robot & it's posting without spinning. Up till now G hasn't penalized the site & is getting about 50UV per day from...
  10. moneff

    How to rewrite articles from txt file with TBS

    Hello, So.. I have 80 Articles in .txt file and i want to "rewrite" them with The Best Spinner, but I don't know how. Can someone tell me ? I want a bulk re-write thing.. There should be some option, but I cannot seem to find it anywhere.. I hope that you guys will help me out! Best Regards...
  11. T

    which article spinner?

    hey guys and gals, first post on the forum. I recently purchased an article spinner called 'Synonymizer' and was not impressed by the results, disappointed. I found SpinnerChief today and have found that even the free version to be far better than the paid for program Synonymizer. So my...
  12. putrasandy

    [Help] Have Dynamic IP add now, Can't Connect AMR, Scrapebox, TBS

    Hi, I have a serious problem now.. I change to new ISP, but I dont know if my new ISP is have a dynamic ip server - it change ip address every second - The problem is, is use AMR, Scrapebox, TBS, and many things like emailing, login at forum2, I can't access them!! its because my ip change...
  13. E

    I bought MNF,SB,TBS,XRumer,AMR,SENukeX,What Should I Do Next?

    I am a newbie and really want to make some money online. I just bought MNF (Micro Niche Finder), SB (ScrapeBox), TBS (The Best Spinner), XRumer, AMR (Article Marketing Robot) and SENukeX. Now what should I do next? Build a website and then blast? Hope you can give me some suggestions, Thanks...
  14. T

    auto-blog problem, I need you help

    I wanna create some autoblogs using the wprobot and TBS in VPS, but I've heard the TBS couldn't work with wp robot in VPS from a friend few days ago, it always give "error". I wanna know what rewrite software could work under this situation? THX.
  15. lvsniper

    SilentFox's TheBestSpinner licenses gone bad

    Getting the following error, actually started a new thread to bring it to everyones attention. "You account is no longer active. This will happen if you canceled your PayPal subscription or received a refund on your purchase. Would you like to resubscribe to the service?" Not sure, but seems...
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