tax filling

  1. RKD2313

    First Full Year Online E-Comm Seller Looking For Some Advice (TIA)

    Just as the title suggests, Im looking for some tax help/info/advice - Oklahoma Sole Proprietor - I am registered with the state for a Resale License - Have a Tax ID and EIN # Tbh the majority of my professional life (35) I just gave my W2 to my parents and they just had mine done when they...
  2. crystalwiz

    I need someone to help file my PayPal tax report

    Hey guys, Anyone who can help file a tax report for my US PayPal business account. Also to advise how and where to submit this. The necessary process. Budget: $10.
  3. monkeyjar

    Making 6 figures from affiliates, file taxes with LLC or go Self Employed? (USA)

    First time trying to file the Self Employed way.. Tax Day has been moved to July 15 this year so I have time to think.. Anyone have some pointers on how to approach this? Thanks in advance.
  4. KHR

    UK VAT for eCommerce Business

    Hello, I have registered UK Company and Now I want to get VAT ID. My plan to sell products mainly in USA, But also in Canada, Australia, UK. Now, what should I do if I register VAT. What woocommerce plugins or Tools I can use process the Filing and Invoicing. Thanks