1. dutchbalr

    What happend after you got tattoos?

    For people who got tattoos. What happend after? Did people react differently to you in general? Like.. people you just met acting different (opposite sex) People who you've know for years Family People at your job (if you still have a job) And so on. I'd love to hear real life examples...
  2. Greengolegend


    hey there. I am so intriged by tattoos. I love them and I can't wait to start getting them. I already have some designs done. I want sleeves, some chest tattoo's leg tattoo's inside finger tattoos and perhaps some hand tattoo's. Some of them have a meaning if you will. But also because I...
  3. SkullGuy

    My Client Needs Real Active Followers: What to Do?

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 03/03/2016 ---- She is a tattoo and fetish model. I see tons of other similar models with thousands and hundreds of thousands of followers and the posts are always engaging and the page is alway buzzing. She has been using her personal page and maxed out at 5000 followers...
  4. S

    Tattoo advice?

    I'm getting my first one soon. I made myself stick with a design for 6 months (woke up to a picture of it each day) before I would let myself get it inked onto my skin. Still love it, still significant. I'd rather not say what it is, but it's about the size of a piece of regular printing...
  5. 2

    Web Design is for Pussies

    The Best Web Designer Alive Marko Bijelic (I think he's serious) (via)