1. M

    Get Paid in bitcoins

    What are the best website to do task or work for bitcoins?
  2. B

    [EASY TASKS FOR EVERYONE] Need people to post messages on a forum and give a rating

    Hello. Disclaimer : These tasks are little tasks that are done fast but pay only a little bit. If you're here for big money you can skip this thread. These tasks won't make you much money, so it's great for people who are just starting and need a few bucks or want to earn a few dollars easily...
  3. abdel007

    Looking for someone to build a set of 300 backlinks

    I will provide a setlist of 300 backlinks (most of them are blog comments and Profile backlinks). You will register an account and build links Provide login details. Please PM me with the Price and your email. Thank you.
  4. Y

    Someone with alot of Telegram Accounts

    I want someone with alot of telegram accounts to join a particular group and type in codes (1 unique code per account ) i will provide the codes and the group you join is expecting code and wont kick you or ban you (sort of like a referal program). How much would it cost ? im sure there is...
  5. B

    Hello All

    I have one question when we publish our post in any sites and we give our website link. so my question is we have to give our full Website URL or half URL is enough like www abc com
  6. KORO22

    Need people for doing easy tasks. Tier 1 people only.

    I you want to make a few bucks for easy task to do then PM me.
  7. R

    [VIGILANTE] [URGENT] Enhance & Clear Up This Image

    So, I work at a place and we have a 16 year old girl as a employee. She is a avid smoker and I will not stand for this as the owner could get a major fine if the Five-0 finds out. I have a image of her smoking, but I need it scaled and enhanced to make it clearer. PM me offers. Thanks
  8. C

    I need sign ups + tasks, paying 1$ for each person.

    As title states, Real sign ups with real informations. Paying in ether.
  9. ruffans

    Where can I get a job to give microworkers?

    Hello there, do anyone know of any site I can get a job then give it out on microworkers? Since I learnt giving microworkers a CPA link to complete an offer is a wrong idea . please any help ?
  10. torikul

    Looking for iOS App review - 0.50Cents/Review on US Account

    If you have an iDevice then do not wait to contact me to get paid. Payment will be sent by PayPal. My skype: torikul91 or PM me.
  11. zanderzero

    FollowLiker Follow and Unfollow?

    Do you guys follow and unfollow in the same session or do you manually let it follow then switch the tasks to unfollowing? Thanks.
  12. CeaseFireBlack

    i will do any task-job (need money to hire WP developer)

    lol i never though i'll do any kind of those posts. ok here is the deal, i need about 100$ to hire a wordpress developer to implement an i dea i have in my mind, so if you have any task for me or mission that you would like me to do it i'll do it. i'll say this in order to avoid the comments...
  13. P

    Looking for people with PPH accounts.

    Are there any people with accounts at peopleperhour.com It`s a freelance site a little bit similar to Fiverr and Freelancer. If you have a profile at PPH,post a reply under this thread,i will send you a PM. It`s a super simple task.
  14. I

    Simple copy paste job

    I need someone to perform a simple copy and paste task for me, it shouldn't take more than an hour or two. I will pay $5. I know that isn't much but that is the most I can offer right now. But if all goes well this could be ongoing work!
  15. D

    is it safe to do without getting baned?

    hy i`m newbie in using tweet attacks to gaining followers by doing follow and following task. technically, in one day, i follow 900 people from a list, and get 50%+ following back. 20 hours later, i unfollow about 500+ accounts who didnt followback me using manageflitterDOTcom. i repeat...
  16. T

    Hiring someone to get me out of google sandbox

    Hello, I have a new website that I want to promote, this is a seo domain and there are a lot of competition . This is now 3 weeks that I submited my website to google search, I doesn't seen my main page in the search result. I'm seeking for an expert who can get me out of google sandbox. I'm...
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