targeted ads

  1. M

    How to Get Hot Traffic That is Begging to Convert?

    There is an online store that gets about 100K traffic per month. The traffic is literally super hot. The clients are begging to buy the products offered by this site (I can't mention the products sold by the site here) The site accepts payment in crypto only. How does this site gets this...
  2. N

    I need a freelancer who can bring traffic to my websites.

    I have two websites. One about documentaries and the other gay movies. If anyone here knows how they can drive targeted traffic to any of the websites please get me on skpe klearkutnikita
  3. J

    FB Targeted Ads

    Hi Folks, I'm thinking of running a targeted ad to increase my fb page likes via fb email addresses that I scraped, is there a limit on how many email add's I can send to before fb take note? Any advice appreciated. Regards JCP
  4. D

    Getting redirected visitors to convert?

    Let's say you purchase 10000 US visitors from a seller. Normally, this traffic is used to water-down your conversion rate as you implement other strategies for money. BUT WAIT ! What if you used some amazing marketing skills to turn on these visitors. I mean, these visitors are real people...
  5. egomOnia

    Wordpress - "php if in_title"

    Is there some way to check if there's a certain keyword in a wordpress post title? According to the wordpress codex, there are functions like is_category, in_category or has_tags to check if a post is in a certain category or uses specific tags. But I need something like an "in_title" function...
  6. egomOnia

    Display ads only if the post title contains certain keywords

    How can I display ads in relation to a certain keyword in the post title using wordpress? It's easy to display ads in certain categories only or only if the post contains certain tags. But I need a way to target ads based on a keyword in the post title.. example: "Top 10 Acne Home Remedies" ->...
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