suspended google adwords

  1. So High

    Strong Google Ads Accounts for Blackhat Ads [FULL SERVICE]

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  2. P

    Mastering Circumventing Systems. Google Vs Mankind

    Have had several attempts over the past 8 months on surviving Adwords campaigns. My vertical/niche is Tech Support. Recently started cloaking. Using a renowned cloaker for my campaigns. Have not had any issue with the cloaker. Was able to keep an account live for 50 days after cloaking. However...
  3. P

    All Adwords account suspended all the way

    All the adwords account that I have been creating for the past 3 months has never sustained more than 15 days, I have faced the following suspension and the recent account that was created was made to all precautions, yet faced 'Circumventing systems' after a one day review of the account. I use...
  4. R

    Getting Around Google Adwords - Setting Up Multiple Accounts - Accounts Going Under Review

    Hi All, I had been successfully running multiple accounts on Google adwords for the past 2 years using promotional codes for the same website (I know, against their TOS) but then 1 day my accounts got suspended, knew this would eventually happen as they update their policys and system. My...