1. tianbo84

    Summers coming, any big plans?

    So summer is on its way and I am getting 3 months off my full time job. Want to take time to get some websites on the go and doing a house flip done by end of June. But I am really looking forward to going camping. Love floating done the river, drinking all night, and jamming. Anyone have bigs...
  2. B

    How can I monetize my IRL summer job?

    During the summer college break I go door-to-door in California selling a relevant service. First summer I made 18,000, last summer 32,000, this summer I will make 40,000. <I want to double that with BHW methods. I am at thousands of houses over the weeks, I would like to pass out a flyer...
  3. towerjunkie

    Summer Vacation 2010 ideas?

    Me and some friends wants to go somewhere cheap this summer, but where? We want to go somewhere for 14 days, to a city with more than 500k people (or some place where there's tons of stuff to do). Any ideas?? Also.. Where are you going this vacation, and why?
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