1. S

    Youtube Stream Rank Up Algorithm discussion

    Hi all ! I noticed PaddyVu's article a long time ago about how the YouTube algorithm works. I wonder if anyone figured out the algorithm during the streaming? I stream almost every day from different channels, and I noticed that nothing depends on whether your stream gets into the suggested...
  2. B

    [Q] is tag spamming hit an algorithm on YouTube?

    Hi BHW My question is Placing excessive tags in the video description (“tag stuffing”) is it new to get views on youtube? Even youtube algorythm is promoting those tag spam video everywhere. Dont you think it's a good way to get maximum views in 2020. use tag spamming for 24 hours and...
  3. komo22


    Look at Keemstars newest video and look at recommended. Why are videos with 100 views or less hitting suggested. I don't have my pc with me with tagging software, can someone see if there is a relevant trend going on with tags. I know jake paul, hurricane/weather. But that still doesn't explain...
  4. D

    Manipulating Suggested Keywords?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone provides a gig or method to be able to skew the suggested results of a keyword? I am trying to do a demo to make my name appear for a certain company I do a lot of contractor work for. Another person at the company is showing up there. So I would like to come in...
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