1. 1

    How to Legally create Compilation Videos?

    None of what is said in this thread should by taken as legal advice! I'm not a lawyer and I don't know what I'm talking about. Good day everyone So the answer to my question might seem quite simple to everyone who lives in the US since yall have fair use laws. Just make it transformative...
  2. D

    This IOS Mobile Game Got Sued by Selena Gomez For $10 Million !! TLDR: 'Clothes Forever - Styling Game' a IOS game was sued by Selena Gomez for using her face in a "bug riddled" app without any prior permission which apparently "tarnished" her image. So her team of lawyers sued the owners of this app for $10M...
  3. B

    Can you get sued by companies like swagbucks etc. for watching videos on multiple accounts and IPs?

    There are sites like these that work by showing you videos then paying you money by showing you those videos. My question is, if i get a bunch of VPSes and VPNs to watch that shit and get paid, could it be possible that I get sued? What grounds would I even get sued for?
  4. Tommy_

    Can I get sued?

    removed thx
  5. limez

    Will I Get Sued If I Get A Branded Domain?

    Hello guys. Today I found a really good domain name. But it was a branded name like facebook, google, etc. Is it okay if I get this domain? I am planning to use it for my blackhat niches of course ;)
  6. maxedgames

    Would This Be A Copyright Issue?

    I'm not asking for legal advice, just opinions, or if anyone has ever done this before. If my website tagline is "Everything 'Google' isn't" would I get in trouble or sued by Google, if so for what? And NO I am not actually creating a site like Google, I just used that as an example. Thanks...
  7. Realtorvan

    Google may be getting sued by US Government...just after 8 months after major panda update

    Check out this latest on the Govenrment's possible action toward Google: This may be the most far-reaching antitrust investigation of a corporation since the...
  8. spin1

    sued by facebook or google?

    Has anyone been threatened with a lawsuit or actually sued by FB or Google? I've heard FB is lawsuit happy but have never heard a story from anyone in particular. Anyone care to weigh in? What did you do? What did they do? What was the end result?
  9. haydenm92

    Myspace Threatens to Sue Me

    Hey everyone, I brought this story up earlier today in BHW's vent server, so some of you may already be familiar with my situation. I thought it would be easier to keep everyone updated on the situation by posting on this thread, and I'm sure it'll be very interested for some to follow. First...
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