1. C

    Need Payment Service Provider for EU citizen with US-registered LLC

    Howdy. I'm looking for a new Payment Service Provider, especially for card payments. I run multiple subscription-based SaaS projects some of which might be considered medium-risk (GDPR laws). As a EU citizen and resident I have difficulties to find a PSP that accepts this with my US-registered...
  2. wantviews

    Payment/Subscription processor for a nomad (webdev)

    Howdy. I’ve decided to take on web designing and need something to manage my customers. My problem is: 1. I’m legally a Russian tax resident and citizen. 2. I live all over the place, currently in Azerbaijan. 3. I also need to manage subscriptions (maintenance - hosting etc). Would be great to...
  3. A

    High Android Subscriptions Price

    Hello friends, Does anyone have experience in the in-app subscription service and setting an extremely high price for it? I have created a simple flashlight app where I am charging $400 per week (maximum price) for users to be able to use it. Anyone knows how Google will react to it? Also, if...
  4. S

    Banned for Too Many Youtube Comments?

    Hey everyone! Just had a quick question. Thanks in advance for reading this. So, say I have two channels, a channel where I upload videos on (and have been doing so for about a year; mostly normal Youtube activity) and an account that I pretty much never use except for this. Let's call the...
  5. Z

    Adult WAPclick! Work features! Sharing experience

    I have found out that Eastern Europe (PL, HU, etc) has good conversion rate on so called amateur category. It?s actual both for WAPclick and for dating offers. What about subscriptions, the harder photo, the better conversion rate is. I have tried also Poland WAPclick (T-mobile and Orange). The...
  6. Z

    The Guardian UK

    I recently got my account banned for flags of spam. Of all the posts I'd written one of them contained a link to another website and 10 mins later my acct was banned. I haven't been able to get value out of the site long enough to know if those links are effective backlinks or not. Does anyone...
  7. blake2013

    Proxies to use with YouTube bot

    Hello there, Can anyone please suggest me a proxies to use with a YouTube views bot? Public proxies are very slow and sometimes it freezes views count at 301
  8. T

    Holy grail of Facebook scripts

    No, I don't have one. I'm wondering if anyone else does. I few weeks ago I picked up a script from this forum for Instagram. It worked like a charm. It goes out and find photos relevant to my keywords and likes them. Curious at who has liked there photo, people check out my account, realise...
  9. boatybotany

    Anyone running a paid subscription site? I have a question.

    Just looking for a little help here and some suggestions. I'm running a site that's about 7 years and I'm trying to implement paid subscriptions. Currently I'm using paypal but when I get a new subscriber I have to manually enter them into my site so they can gain access. This means making a...
  10. R

    Increase the views..

    Any method to increase the views to videos and to make subscriptions to a channel
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