1. alurosu

    Paid users should be allowed with ad blockers

    If I pay a subscription, I already support the forum. Why can't I use adblocker? The new popup (that warns me about adblockers) makes me not want to use the forum. I get that some people want to watch ads and pay for subscription at the same time. I'm not suggesting you remove the ads. But I...
  2. speedie

    Is PayOP useful for subscription payment?

    Hey guys Does PayOP have the feature like subscription so that customer can subscribe toa software product or subscription service? Anyone ever tried this? I didn't see this feature tho but looks like they might be supporting recurring invoice tho. What's your experience?
  3. S

    Is anyone using Ranker X(SEO Automation Tool)?

    I am looking for someone with a Ranker X subscription. My quest is to find a person who possesses a subscription to the esteemed platform known as Ranker X. I have a few questions.
  4. Lord Stroganov

    Full thoughts on Musk’s Twitter

    What are everyone’s thoughts on Musk’s upcoming changes on Twitter? What do you all think of his plans, will they help the platform or hurt it, short term or long term? Does devaluing blue check marks make an impact on the brand and all those people with followers? Does giving content creators...
  5. X

    Onlyfans promotion on Dating sites like tinder Badoo Once Lovoo Bumble

    Hey I‘m currently managing several onlyfans Creators (mainly on TikTok, Twitter & Reddit) But I‘m also interested in promoting them on Dating apps. I never did this but I know some people doing this so I’m wondering if it’s worth a try. I think the best way is to use a bot / automation and...
  6. mo006


    CONTACT INFO: -Email: [email protected] -Discord: mo006#0465 -Skype: -Telegram: DELIVERY TIME: I will get it delivered within 24 hours. However, depending on my availability, it might take up to 48 hours. REFUND POLICY...
  7. L

    any one here have yukapo subscription

    Any one here have yukapo subscription i need nuss wordpress theme if you can please download it for me Thank You
  8. insom

    Woo commerce product page

    Can any body suggest or have template for product price on product page like below. The site seems to be using elementor and woo subscription
  9. Donawoite

    Reloadable VCC for verifying Paypal, Amazon aws, Online free trials, Subscriptions and Online Purchases.

    Discription: We provide reloadable VCC for verification of accounts and for making online purchases, To use the VCC You must provide the full name. The reloadable VCC can be used multiple times on the same and different merchants that accept Visa and Master card. This VCC is guaranteed to work...
  10. Ventanero

    Anonymous ways of accepting payments for subcription?

    Hi guys, I have a group with bunch of followers. Recently i announced that the group will be paid, but I would like to accept payments somehow anonymously. I don't want the other side to see my name etc. basically any info about me. I ofc know about crypto, but let's say some people are not...
  11. 4ry4n

    [Question] Best subscription plugin for Wordpress to send Automatic welcome email?

    Hello All, I am planning to offer a downloadable content (pdf file) to my website visitors if they are willing to subscribe and share their emails with me. What WordPress plugin can I use to collect these email addresses and automatically send out an email with the file attachment? I am...
  12. A

    How to fix Subscription upgrade failed on the Microsoft Azure

    I'm trying to upgrade my free trial subscription to the basic level and this window pops up
  13. LEETopsec


    Hello guys so Ive recently seen on some Facebook groups some people offering TV programs ( Subscription Based Service ) . For Example Offering German Television Programs to people who work abroad in other countries like London etc . The way it works : You need to have a Smart TV > You pay the...
  14. Rank Panda

    ✅ Download WordPress Themes, Plugins & Unlimited Design Files at Low Price! ✅

  15. mindmaster

    Fiverr Subscription - Will you use it?

    "Turn buyers into loyal customers." - I haven't used fiverr lately. However, I got this message from them saying that 'I have been chosen' to use their new function. For the time being, for myself, I can't think of a service that I would...
  16. richdaddy7

    How would you recruit new creators, influencers to a subscription platform?

    How would you recruit creators, influencers into a platform where they can sell content, and earn money from a monthly subscription? What methods would you use on social media?
  17. Mouadmo

    Would A Service Like This Be Worth It? Feedback Request

    Realistically, could this concept work in the long run? A Subscription Service for Gift Cards Codes (digital - instant delivery). Think of it as a membership site, you pay a fee to gain access to a library of gift cards you can redeem and use. The subscription fees should reasonably be cheaper...
  18. Arsalan Nazar

    What One Time Subscription Service You Are Using?

    Hello Everyone, I hope everyone doing well, I want to ask you guys, What one-time subscription services you are using these days. I mean like I saw many services for example. store making websites, email marketing websites, and many more good quality services but they ask for monthly or...
  19. Kondo Lee

    Credit card subscription

    I wanted to know if there is any payment gateway service that has the subscription details like how much you will pay and for how long hidden or with very small writing. For example I want to sell a program for 100$, but I want the buyer to be paying next month another 100$ without him...
  20. D

    Want to Find out Payment processor for Movie Streaming Sites Subscriptions

    I want to know how on some pirate streaming websites such as , and many other sites they offer premium memberships showing Ad-Free movies to members and accept credit cards, PayPal as payment options and don't have any problems about DMCA. Can anyone tell me which payment...
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