1. M0805

    How to get more views and subscribers on YouTube?

    Hi BHW I have a question is there any proven method to gain more views and more subscribers? Thank you!
  2. pipopi

    What are some black/gray/white hat ways to get subscribers?

    I have around 45k subs (only 200-400 active) so its a dead channel, I'm almost half way there to get 100k subs. I can rank my videos very well so SEO is not a problem. I can get views but not subscribers. All I want to know is what are the black/gray/white hat ways to get subscribers or force...
  3. W

    Followliker subscription

    Hello, Before few months i bought a followliker. But now i want to stop using their services. How to stop them to charge me $5.99 Monthly? How to unsubscribe ? I have paid with debit card directly, without Paypal. In my bank they said me that i have to unsubscribe from the website of the...