stupid on my forehead

  1. Z

    Can someone tell me what this guy is thinking?

    Was just surfing the web and came across this site Can someone let me know what he's trying to do? That's the worst landing page or whatever-you-call-it I've ever seen.. Lol...
  2. swinter84

    Screw you stupid people....

    This goes out to all those that read the beginning of a thread and post dumbshit without reading others comments... to those that post questions that have been answered countless times on BHW... and to those that create threads like "Make 1,000 a Day!" only to find out it is some stupid...
  3. G

    How I turned $75.00 into $6.23 in 24 hours!!!!

    And you can too! Please! WTF? How can a person make money with PPC? I just don't see it! Please, can someone explain this to me??? Here is what I did: Set up Amazon account and retrieved code for the new Nano. Here is my ad: New Nano 8GB New Nano All colors! Time for Xmas...
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