How I turned $75.00 into $6.23 in 24 hours!!!!


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Oct 1, 2008
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And you can too!

Please! WTF?

How can a person make money with PPC? I just don't see it!

Please, can someone explain this to me???

Here is what I did:

Set up Amazon account and retrieved code for the new Nano.

Here is my ad:

New Nano 8GB
New Nano All colors! Time for Xmas
14 new and used from $129.99 Buy

Set my bid at .60c
used negative words:

Emphasized "buy" in most of my keywords

Sold one unit plus arm strap for a cool six bucks and change while dropping $75 in adwords fees.

How does one turn a profit???

WOW ! That is why sir I do not use adwords .

Everytime I use adwords anymore it is kind of like taking money and putting a mtach to it to see how fast it can go up in flames.

I am sure there are adword gurus out there that make tons of money . But good lord it is soo hard.
how long you been playin with ppc? I've been playin with it on FB for a lil bit and I can tell you your NOT going to just start makin boat loads of cash right out the gate. Ive probably tried 10-15 different offers, a couple have kinda worked, most have not. Test if it works then scale, if it doesnt then see if theirs anything you could have done different, if not then throw it away and try a new offer.

Have you tried Social marketing sites? Its a little easier to target a niche. Just keep playing around with it.
Lol I've done this before. Amazon can be quite competitive. My experiences with this were ok 4k in sales and commission comes out around 400 or so. ppc comes out 300-380ish.....

My recommendation, just experiment with the ad variations. Start with lower clicks?

Read some ebooks on ppc marketing? Get a target list!

Money is in the list, and I'm a lazy procrastinator.

Could very easily be competitors screwing with you. Adwords can be a little scary.
you need to (1.) lower your bids (2.) write better ad copy.

Don't focus on your CTR, focus on pre-screening your customers via your ad copy. Also I wouldn't use the content network or make your bids there VASTLY lower. Consider improving your landing page also, so that google gives you a higher quality score and hence lower click prices.
well, 0.60 CPC is a little bit high for a rough revenue about $6.5 (5% from $130). think about it: you get 100 visitors, if your are lucky 2% of them will buy something, but you paid google 100*0.60 = $60. the other thing is the direct linking to amazon, here will come the well known google slap.

better read some ebooks about ppc first, its not that easy as it sounds in the first.

commission blueprint is a very good start either, look for it in the download section.
To be succesful in ppc you need experience. If this is your first experience it's very normal that you lose money. Besides, you should choose an affiliate program that gives you more cash.
What you need to do is DROP Amazon as an affiliate program. Unless you're sending boat loads of traffic, you will not make good profit, specially when using Adwords. Adwords + Amazon is a complete waste of money IMO.

Look for other things to promote.
Read "The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords" by Perry Marshall.

It's a great book that is available on these forums.
Thank you Demman and everyone else here.

For the record, I spent Sunday at the mall approaching strangers and asking them what they would like to get most for Christmas. I chose 20 something males as my demographic as they spend the most time on-line (Due to porn) and don't necessarily have the bank accounts to simply go out and buy something when they want it, like 30 something males can.

I came up with 3 top answers (Actually 4, the new Jordan's package, but shoes require sizes) The kid at the Apple store informed me that he sold 40 nano's per day, just himself. The place was completely full and had to have over 15 employees the day I was there.

So I set up my 3 campaigns, turned the content network to .01c, used 8GB, buy and Christmas in my keywords and also "" and [], because I wanted to be very clear that I wasn't visiting about the Nano, I was selling it.

My quality scores were 6/10 7/10 and 8/10. I had a $50 coupon from IX webhosting that I was planning to apply to the bill so I felt it was worth a shot. (Google withdrew fifty bucks out of my checking account this morning and I now have a claim ticket in with them over not accepting my coupon by the way.)

So, yes I'll look at commission blueprint and yes I'll look at Yahoo. and I actually got the idea for this campaign directly out of an ebook where a different electronic item was used as last years example.

I don't think the author was being untruthful, I just must be missing something when I use a direct example and can't even break even on the deal. I've been at this for a year in various ways. I'm not completely new, just missing a very meaningful piece of the puzzle obviously.
if you are using PPC, you better be collecting the name/email of every person that hits your landing page. using follow-up messages with an autoresponder after that. offer them some info on the nano first, then slowly introduce some offers. give ppl what they want!
Read "The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords" by Perry Marshall.

It's a great book that is available on these forums.

I found Commission junction but cannot find this book. Please assist. Thank you
PPC is not that easy. The best way to accomplish a good roi is testing. If you do not test multiple keywords you will never find the highest converting ones. The cost can be high. So expect to lose money when you first start, then use your information you have pretty much payed for to learn find out which keywords convert. By rule of thumb i try not so spend more then twice the profit that can be made from a converting keyword. If you lose more then twice the profit that can be made pause the keyword or make sure that there is not something weird with your text ad that is making people disinterested.

Split test different advertisements. I have found multiple times when split testing advertisements that you can accomplish a higher ctr if your ad has the exact phrase in it at least twice that your potential buyer has used to search Google with.

These are just a few tips. Hope they help any of you out who are having trouble with ppc.
you successfully in losing money man. If you need to make profit, just go for $0.05 with more specific niche. This is the best advice so far I have practicing.
$75.00/$0.60=125 clicks


your bid must set below $0.05 than only got profit from it

if you cant set below $0.05 than forget this product
I tried to see the value in AdWords but I just can't. I lost a good deal of money from it as well.
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