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  1. Ghost_Hunter

    How to promote YouTube channel through Instagram and Stumbleupon?

    Hey Guys, I have YouTube channel "The Indian Roar". I create videos related to unknown facts/lesser known facts. I promote my videos on Facebook & Reddit. I want to increase my subscribers and views. Can someone help me with promoting YouTube channel on Instagram & Stumbleupon? Also, Can...
  2. Heiko

    How many Stumbleupon Accs per Proxy?

    Hey, Quick question here : How many accounts would you say is safe for a ip on Stumbleupon? Would you say like Tumblr or Twitter 3-5 Accounts per Proxy or would you say like Instagram 1-2 Accounts per Proxy? I'm happy for any answer :)
  3. F

    Stumbleupon Help!!!!

    Hi All, I am having a problem getting blogger posts on stumbleupon. I use su all the time for other things but it seems as if every time I try to add a blogger post it won't take it. Can anyone shed some light on why or how to fix it? Thank you.
  4. F

    Stumbleupon help...

    Hi everyone, I am having a problem adding my blogger posts to stumbleupon. I use stumbleupon all the time for other things but every time I try to add a blogger post it doesn't seem to take. Can anyone shed some light or give me any suggestions on what is going on? Thanks!!!
  5. collegeguys4

    Paid traffic on StumbleUpon does it work?

    I came across a blog post that briefly mentioned using paid traffic from StumbleUpon. If you have used paid traffic, how well has it worked for you? What type of conversion rates have you had?
  6. T

    Info about stumbleupon anti-spam algo. please

    I want to do some selling on SU, but their anti spam algorithm is pretty BA. I log into an acct with a fresh, legit proxy and the next time it boots me. If I log in with another fresh proxy, or different ip, it will let me post but blocks the likes so...pretty much useless. I searched BHW for...
  7. Diablo9975

    HQ SOCIAL SIGNALS! Free Reviews, All Social platforms ★ Unlimited URLs ★ Start $5 for 300 Signals

    EXCLUSIVE FREE REDDIT DO FOLLOW LINK With 6000 Social & 15000 Social Plan Reviews Reviews Repeat Orders from Client: balsagoth007 Repeat Orders From Client: ghosteye Repeat Orders From Client: CoryW Repeat Orders From Client: UrsuAke...
  8. B

    Anyone interested in a StumbleUpon bot?

    Hi there, I've made a submitter bot and have been using it for a week or two now. Should I sell it or there isn't demand for a SU bot?
  9. youssfy

    Social Mafia One Stop Shop for All Your Social Needs

  10. K

    How to use stumble upon the best

    Hi, I am wondering if you can help me with some tactics how to make mi pics go viral in stumble upon. I had a JV partner who used to do it quite often ( at least once a week ) so he was bringing at least 20-30 000 uniques, but we parted ways soon and now i am in the dark. Please help. Best...
  11. N

    [REQ]StumbleUpon Bot

    Hello BHW! I am in search of a stumbleupon bot that will auto stumble and like websites! I know there is one imacros script but its a paid one and I dont have access to it! Any alternatives or the script available? Thank You! :) :)
  12. E

    Looking for a Stumbler

    Hello BHW read, I'm looking for a person that can stumble my page more then one thousand. Interested person PM me. Thanks
  13. C

    I have 100 Digg account and 100 stumbleupon account

    hi guys i getting crazy and i build 100 account in digg,stumbleupon, so what should i do now?
  14. weaselstomp

    Get some additional traffic, automated :)

    A little trick I found and modified to make as unobtrusive as possible and still get some traffic. This works purely on blog-owner curiosity. The method: Fake your browsers referer to your website URL Stumble! When the website owner checks their stats, their incoming links should show your...
  15. figgity

    Anybody need a StumbleUdon invite?

    Here you go: If you need an extra StumbleUpon friend, add me, nick= jonesprfirm StumbleUdon allows you to get free stumbles on your sites. Later, figgity
  16. S

    stumble or digg

    what do you think is better for bringing in traffic? digg or stumbleupon???
  17. tsanko

    Review my link and I`ll review yours

    Review my site and post your to review it. If you want you can review more link from this thread and post something like "I reviewed tsanko`s , xxxx`s and xxx`s links" and we will review yours :) My link is: Thanks in advance!
  18. internetNinja

    New tool - Submit to 48 soc. b-mark sites fast

    Hi all. Well, it took me about a day and a half but I created a script in PHP that helps with social marker. Social marker used to take me about 30 minutes to bookmark all the sites. Now it takes about 5 minutes. The hold up was different tag and/or keyword formats on various sites. Some...
  19. W

    I need a StumbleUpon account

    I have the maximum number of StumbleUpon accounts registered to my IP. And they are frozen, so I can't delete them. So I am unable to register any additional ones. I know I can access another account, just not create one. Could anyone register another account for me please? 1. Go to...
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