1. Ricostrong

    Cool Websites u didnt know

    Back again with smth like u didnt know 1. (u can see all satelite n orbit any time) 2. (scheduled with Ohdontforget! Now you won't miss your appointment) 3. (pick quality sounds to help u sleep faster)...
  2. D

    Smm Panel For Hip Hop Niche

    Is there a SMM Panel that has a server related to hip hop? I want the people who comment and like the pictures to be a younger audience from English speaking countries.
  3. T

    credit card question

    hi i found a old credit card in my room but it expires in 2021 if i use a old credit card to buy stuff online can it get problems for the credit card owner, although he has a new and different credit card? what can happen? thank you
  4. gman777

    Where are Harro's posts?

    I heard he was a great guy who shared a lot of informative stuff. Where are his posts?
  5. CoyoteAssassin

    Search Errors Expose..

    The search feature has been broken since the update (at least for me). Now, when I do a search, the top results are for stuff back in 2009. Hardly ever do I see anything new unless I go to additional pages. This is exposing a lot of stuff that is no longer as relevant. Can this be revised...
  6. S

    Looking for gagdets wholesaler

    Hello, I'm looking for wholesalers that sell all sorts of gadgets. I have been searching on alibaba for suppliers, but it is hard to find wholesalers that sell the latest and hottest gadgets. Maybe I am looking for it the wrong way. I want to offer the same products as websites like...
  7. S

    [Random] Yeah.... Food!

    I'm starving right now... It's one of those days that I am too lazy to get up and cook something. I just keep getting hungrier. So let's talk about it! What's your favorite lazy food!? :croc:
  8. bigspade

    Stuffing backlinks?

    All right guys, I just did a fresh installation for a wordpress blog and downloaded the database to check the data, and guess what I found? Someone stuff a cloak backlink into my wordpress blog! # Data contents of table `wp_links` # INSERT INTO `wp_links` VALUES (8...
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