1. tattooedbuddha

    Stuck on loading screen (Breakdance Builder)

    Sometimes when working on a website, using breakdance builder, I get stuck on loading screens when opening a page. It looks like this and nothing is happening: Do any of you know how to fix this?
  2. tubeboost

    Youtube shorts getting 0 views [Tips to Remove YouTube Shorts Shadowban]

    Guys, seems I figured out how to remove YouTube shorts shadowban. I run into this problem several months ago on my channel. We all know that shorts are a good source of traffic and subscribers. So, if you shorts getting no views don’t panic. 1. Just stop uploading shorts for a while (several...
  3. underground-rap

    Started a new YouTube Series and this happened... video stuck at 350 views.

    Hello guys, so I just started a new YouTube series, with my very own content. ( I am a designer ) Had a pretty decent launch and after spreading the video url on all sort of social platforms, it started to get some good amount of views. First 100, 200, 300, 350... and pause. Yeah it just...
  4. L

    HELP | Instagramers |My ACCOUNT is STUCK

    I’m owner of Instagram account with 36k organic followers. I made it 2016 and one year I reached 36k. 3 years I stand on the same number of followers. My instagram account is kinda ‘dead’ - low activity etc... Some of my pictures are gone VIRAL - up to 600.000 reach, 30.000 engagement ... Also...
  5. draco02

    Are you stuck in a country?

    I heard that some people are stuck in countries now as airports were being closed Are you stuck in a country rn? What is yiur experience?
  6. CMG

    Has anyone ever dealt with this?

    I don't really know where to get started. Maybe IM is not for me? I'm not saying this because I want to be spoonfed or I'm expecting a get-rich-quick magic trick... But I feel overwhelmed by everything. Maybe I'm too stupid for this? I want to make it work, but I keep getting stuck. I can't pay...
  7. Heler

    CPA (help a noobish mate out) X(

    CPA/ Landing page/ content locker Don't know if i should post were or in blackhat (copy of another landing page). My CPA setup is all good (CPA network, niches, search ). I'm having trouble editing a landing page (index.html) cuz i dont know to much of coding. Can someone help me out I'm stuck...
  8. B

    Go around in circles

    Hi , I feel that I go around in circles.. I try many methods(almost two years) but still stuck on my goal to achieve 1000 dollars a month. I need your advice how do you plan your time and goals? (how much time do you set to every method ? how many do u try every day? and when to quit?) Because...
  9. O

    Viewer Youtube Stuck in 301+

    I'm newbie in ,i wanna ask.. why viewer my video in youtube stuck in 301+ and not grow? Tanks :'(
  10. P

    Can someone plz get my view count unstuck?

    So I don't know why, but my viewcount for one of my yt videos (not posted on my account) has been frozen for 3 days now. It has been stuck at 302. I haven't b o t t e d, just shared on facebook and twitter to my friends, so this shouldn't be happening. Does anyone know how to get my video's view...
  11. ilPatrino

    [STUCK] Need a push for PAGE 1

    I am targetting a pretty easy keyword with ~6600 exact monthly searches & got it to page 2 for the main keyword using web2.0's+fiver scrapebox blast to them & manual high pr forum profiles. The problem is that I have NO tools, nor the money to buy them. So I am doing some manual back links but...
  12. D

    Youtube Videos Views Stuck

    One if my videos has the views stuck for 3 days, can someone help me get them on stuck pm me if u can help
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