1. jogoldirus

    Search streaming host platform

    Hello , I managed my streaming website with Openload & Streamango but they'r down . I made somes research and i found two alternative : Did you have/know greatter/better than them ? Thanks you !
  2. O

    Site similar to

    Hello Guys , i would like to ask you if someone can help me where i can find a script like openload , streamango . Thanks OnlineTech19
  3. L

    Which video hosing provider doesn't have uploading limits?

    I'm trying to copy and upload videos on video hosting providers that have an api and that doesn't have upload or copying limitations. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. konvar

    Streamango/streamcherry stopped paying?

    Hi, i've seen that on streamango and streamcherry are missing the "earn money" page, does that mean that they stopped paying? I want to make an Porn tube soon with an modified version of dooplay (modified by me) but i want to...
  5. streama

    What system do sites work on? (openload, streamango, vidcloud, upvid, vidoza, etc.)

    Hello. All these sites have almost identical control system. Is this system written specifically for these services, or is it freely available?
  6. N

    Best way to copy 6.5 TB of files from my MP4upload account to Openload, Streamango?

    Hey guys, what is the best way to copy these many files from to Openload, Streamango etc. site. I could scrape the links of my videos then use their Remote upload feature but I noticed they're assigning Random names to the files, which will make it impossible for me to sort them...
  7. G

    Openload, RapidVideo, Streamango What Is The Best Video Hosting Solution?

    I'm looking for advice on what the best video hosting service would be for my website. Initially I thought openload was great till I realised they delete videos after 60 days. So far I don't think rapid video has deleted my videos (can someone confirm if they do?) but I was hoping someone would...